Let’s face it: time is a mysterious thing! If we want to, we can blame it on the rapid development in technology. On the other hand, several technological wonders have the potential to immortalize our time on this earth. This is especially true for our favorite actors and actresses, thanks to the invention of TV and film. Can you believe it was just a few decades ago that silent black-and-white movies were considered standard? The best performers and artists were given the figurative stage to create some of the best works during that era.

However, you might be shocked to hear that many of these legendary men and women are actually still alive and well! Some people claim to have won the genetic lottery and have aged gracefully. In contrast, others have opted for surgery to maintain their youthful appearance. Some people attribute their good health to their investments in well-balanced diets, while some actually seem to have nine lives! Although most of the celebrities on this list are retired, a few remain active and have no plans to retire anytime soon.


What could be 99-year-old Betty White’s secret to keeping herself looking and feeling young? She revealed during the preparations for her birthday that it was having a deep sense of humor. White is, of course, right as laughing keeps the stress out and even stretches facial muscles to a degree.

The Mayor of Hollywood certainly has been a life force in the entertainment industry, having been active since 1939. She is best known for her portrayal of Sue Ann Nives on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. White also became the first woman to produce a sitcom and is considered among the pioneers of Hollywood. Besides being a versatile actress, she also worked as a radio personality before working on the small screen. The Hot in Cleveland actress was also a staple judge in many game shows, including Match Game, The Hollywood Squares, and Password. Those later earned her the title of “the first lady of game shows.”