Alan Alda walked down the aisle with Arlene Weiss a year after obtaining his college degree from Fordham University. His acting career started on stage, which then led to a Broadway performance. Soon afterward, he appeared in several movies before landing his most famous role, Hawkeye Pierce, on the hit show M*A*S*H.

The actor met his future wife at their mutual friend’s party. At the time, a cake fell onto the floor, and both of them were the only guests who ate it. That funny moment began a friendship and, later, a romance. Since exchanging vows in the late ’50s, the couple was blessed with three daughters: Eve, Beatrice, and Elizabeth. According to the sweethearts, “a good sense of humor” and “short-term memory” made their union long-lasting. The actor also said that this secret “seems to work” for them because they’re still happy together after six decades of marriage.