We are so used to seeing celebrities living the grandest lives that you can think of. They can spend their money on anything they want to—may it be on vacation, a cruise, an around the world tour, and more. They have the most lavish lifestyles that no ordinary citizen can manage to maintain. You can turn green with envy—that’s quite understandable—but why don’t you just commend these celebrities for what they have attained.
They have surely worked very hard to have everything they have today. As they say, hard work pays off, and so they now have the biggest net worth, side businesses here and there, and of course, the most profitable investments.
No wonder they can afford the luxurious lives they now have today, living in the grandest mega-mansion or driving the most expensive car that you can see on the road.
We bet you want one of these, too! Start striving and being inspired as you take a peek at your favorite stars’ luxurious homes and cars in this list.

Tyler Perry | $15 Million, Atlanta | 2017 Rolls-Royce Wraith

Well-known for creating and portraying the character Madea in many of his films, Tyler Perry has since made quite a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Along with the fame, he has also earned quite a fortune. Well, a portion of that investment money undoubtedly went to this Atlanta mansion. Along with the gorgeous architecture and design apparent in every corner, this humble abode features several amenities, including a tennis court, a fitness center, a ballroom, and an infinity pool.

Although he eventually sold this eye-catching mansion, there are still other things that the actor is proud of having. One such example is his 2017 Rolls-Royce Wraith. Worth somewhere north of $300,000, this vehicle is just as luxurious as it is fast – it can go from zero to 60mph in 4.4 seconds. Along with the other features added after purchase, it’s safe to say this beauty has just about everything Tyler looks for in a car.

Will Smith & Jada Pinkett-Smith | Approximately $42 Million, Calabasas | Mercedes GL 450

Since its earlier years, the entertainment industry has introduced us to numerous celebrity couples. Well, in more recent years, one such duo that has garnered a skyrocketing degree of recognition is Will Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith. The couple and their kids have lived in more than a few cozy-looking homes, including this Calabasas estate. Reportedly worth around $42 million, this abode is as serene as it is lovely, featuring amenities such as a lake gazebo, a meditation room, a screening room, and a pool.

When they aren’t chilling at home or working on any upcoming projects, rest assured the Smiths spend some time going on road trips. For that, this family has a Mercedes GL 450, perfect for cruising through the streets and highways. Besides this SUV, though, Will also keeps other beauties in their garage, including a 1965 Ford Mustang, a Maybach 57S, and a BMW i8.

Taylor Swift | $2.7 Million, Los Angeles | Toyota Sequoia

Besides gracing the airwaves and concert venues with her music, Taylor Swift has made a couple of investments in the real estate side of the business. Around the same time she released her album Red, Taylor bought herself this Los Angeles abode for $1.8 million. Built around 1959, this lovely house now has a beautiful blend of modern and retro aesthetics. With that said, it also features amenities such as a wine cellar, a central courtyard, and a lagoon-style swimming pool.

After some time, though, Taylor sold the property for $2.7 million before moving to her new home. On the automobile side of things, though, the singer likes to keep her collection fairly modest. Although she was spotted on a couple of occasions riding an Audi R8 and a Porsche 911, Taylor is more than happy driving her Toyota Sequoia. Worth around $650,000, this SUV undoubtedly provides the singer with a safe and comfortable experience whenever she takes it for a spin.

Tiger Woods | $56.36 Million, Jupiter Island, Florida | Mercedes Benz SLR

With the paparazzi often tracking their every move, it’s no wonder most, if not all, celebrities value their privacy a lot. One such figure is Tiger Woods, who often takes credit for being one of golf’s greatest players. During his free time, the golfer prefers to chill in his Jupiter Island home, which he bought for an astounding $56.36 million! The estate features impressive accommodations within its vicinity, including a private cinema theater, a gym, a games room, and a wine cellar.

Besides owning this breathtaking abode, the world-famous golfer also has more than a few luxurious vehicles, including a Mercedes Benz SLR. Worth somewhere within the range of $100,000 to $150,000, though rarer models can go for as high as $1.45 million, this beauty can go from zero to 60mph in just 3.6 seconds. With only 2,100 units ever produced, it’s safe to say that Woods has a gem of a car safely kept in his garage.

Sean Combs | $4.2 Million, Saddle River, New Jersey | Rolls-Royce Phantom

In the music industry, almost every popular artist often has an impressive car collection to showcase. Well, among these big-name figures is none other than rapper-producer Sean Combs. With that said, one such car he’s undoubtedly more than proud of is his Rolls-Royce Phantom, worth around $500,000. Besides this lovely beauty, P. Diddy has also owned other four-wheeled wonders, including a 1958 Chevrolet Corvette, a Ferrari F430 Spider, a Maybach 57, and a Cadillac Escalade.

Along the way, he’s also made investments in the real estate side of things. After releasing his debut album No Way Out, Combs spent a portion of his hard-earned fortune on this New Jersey mansion. Since then, the house has gone through different owners, and now, it’s back on the market for $4.2 million. Sitting on a 2-acre plot, this humble abode has several amenities, including a Jacuzzi and sauna, three dressing rooms, a library, a movie theater, and even an indoor basketball court.

Sting | Price Unknown, Wiltshire, England | Toyota Prius

Although he earns quite a fortune thanks to his career, Sting still concerns himself with things that supposedly don’t even affect his credit score much, like how efficiently a car consumes fuel. Well, for that, the musician bought himself a hybrid vehicle – a Toyota Prius. Besides being cost-friendly, the Prius is also quite comfortable to ride in.

Meanwhile, whenever he isn’t busy traveling from city to city, performing at concerts, Sting likes to relax in his house in Wiltshire, England. Besides its many amenities, the musician loves this haven for another reason – it allows him to write songs in solitude. In fact, one of his favorite places to be at is underneath the shade of the copper beech tree, and he’d even have a guitar with him while he’s at it. With that said, knowing that this sanctuary also has a recording studio, it comes as no surprise that all of the songs in his album, Ten Summoner’s Tales, were recorded here.

Lil Wayne | $17 Million, Florida | Bentley Mulsanne

For Lil Wayne’s rise to stardom, it’s safe to say a portion of the credit goes to Birdman, who signed the at-the-time 12-year-old rapper to Cash Money Records. Later on, when Lil Wayne eventually achieved more success, Birdman gifted him with a Bentley Mulsanne, which was reportedly worth $290,000. Besides this lovely beast of a vehicle, the rapper now owns other rides such as a Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4, a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe, and a unique motorcycle-car hybrid, the Campagna T-Rex 14R.

Besides developing his car collection over the years, Lil Wayne has also bought himself a couple of lovely homes. One such property he recently purchased in 2018 is this estate in Florida. Bought for $17 million, the rapper’s humble abode measures at 10,632 square feet and is undoubtedly one of the loveliest beach homes ever made. Along with its amenities, such as a movie theater and a pool, it is surrounded by breathtaking views that he’ll surely never get tired of looking at.

Usher | $4.2 Million, Hollywood Hills | Ferrari 458 Spider

After competing in singing competitions when he was 12 years old, Usher eventually landed an opportunity to join a record label. Since then, he’s achieved a skyrocketing degree of popularity, thanks to hit records such as Burn, Caught Up, and My Way. Along with the fame, Usher also earned quite a fortune, so it comes as no surprise he gifted himself something as beautiful as a Ferrari 458 Spider.

Besides the Ferrari, which is undoubtedly as fast as it is pleasing to the eyes, Usher has also dabbled in real estate. One such house he once owned is this Hollywood Hills home, which he eventually placed on the market for $4.2 million. Although its exterior design is fairly simple, its interior is the exact opposite. Filled with intriguing and eye-catching aesthetics in every room, it also features amenities such as a theater, a cozy outdoor area, and a pool.

Sheryl Crow | Price Unknown, Nashville | 1959 Mercedes-Benz 190 SL

At this point, Sheryl Crow has released ten albums and two live albums, not to mention the contributions she’s had for a couple of movie soundtracks along the way. Well, besides her songs, the country singer is willing to share just about anything she can – even her Mercedes. In 2011, the singer-musician placed her 1959 Mercedes-Benz 190 SL up for auction, with the proceeds going to a charitable cause.

Along with doing what she can to help others, Crow also pulls no brakes when it comes to her family. With that said, it comes as no surprise she used some of her investment money to buy this beautiful Nashville estate. Sitting on a 50-acre plot of land, this humble abode’s beautiful interiors is surrounded by breathtaking views. Plus, with plenty of outdoor space, it’s safe to say the singer and her kids spend plenty of afternoons outside, taking in the calm and refreshing breeze.

Scottie Pippen | $1.899 Million, Illinois | 911 Porsche Turbo Cabriolet

Through the years, the NBA has introduced us to many incredible players, and that includes Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan’s good friend and Chicago Bulls teammate. Besides the talents he has showcased on the basketball court, though, the basketball player also has a fondness for automobiles. One such car he’s owned through the years is this 911 Porsche Turbo Cabriolet, which he undoubtedly enjoys driving – especially when he feels like trading some gas for good mileage.

Along the way, Pippen has also dabbled in the real estate side of things. Perhaps one of the most recent of his endeavors is his Illinois estate. Bought in 2004 for $2.225 million, the former basketball player eventually placed it up for sale for $3.1 million, though that price tag has since dipped to $1.899 million. With that said, this 10,000-square-foot abode is filled with plenty of amenities to entertain residents, including a movie theater, a game room, a sauna, and of course, its very own indoor basketball court.

Vanessa Hudgens | $3.15 Million, Studio City, California | Ferrari 488 Spider

Since her breakthrough role as Gabriella Montez in Disney’s High School Musical movies, Vanessa Hudgens has made a name for herself under the Hollywood spotlight. The actress has also earned quite a fortune along the way, which is made all the more apparent when she was found cruising the streets in her Ferrari 488 Spider. Besides this beauty, Hudgens has also spent some of her investment money on other four-wheeled wonders, including a Tesla Model S and two Audis, an A7 and an S5 convertible.

Like her colleagues, the actress has owned more than a few gorgeous houses through the years. One property is her Studio City sanctuary, which she’s called her home for almost a decade before selling it for $3.15 million. With its beautiful interior and overall architecture, this humble abode features various amenities, including a home theater and a swimming pool with its own waterfall, among many others.

Sandra Bullock | $4.175 Million, Georgia | Toyota Prius

At this point, celebrities buying and selling their real estate investments is just as common as them appearing in a new film or TV show. Well, one such actress that recently found a new owner for her house is Sandra Bullock. Worth $4.175 million, the Miss Congeniality actress’ former Georgia beach house has just about anything people look for in an ideal vacation getaway. To top it all off, residents can also have a chance to see dolphins every now and then.

Besides relaxing in the comforts of her home, Sandra is also undoubtedly busy working on projects and other endeavors. With that in mind, it comes as no surprise she’s sometimes spotted taking some of her wheels for a spin, especially her Toyota Prius. Reportedly bought for $42,000, this hybrid vehicle surely fulfills the actress’ driving needs, all while still being cost-friendly – a gallon of fuel is said to last the Prius 51 miles!

Simon Cowell | $25 Million, Beverly Hills | AC Cobra MK IV

More often than not, celebrities are recognized for the lively personalities they display under the spotlight. Even so, there are some who don’t need to be like balls of electricity to garner recognition. Well-known for his sugarcoat-free remarks whenever he judges in talent shows such as American Idol and The X Factor, Simon Cowell is now just as recognizable as he is wealthy.

With his fondness for all things automobile-related, it comes as no surprise that Cowell bought himself an AC Cobra MK IV, a lovely vehicle that has since left a mark in automobile history. Besides this beautiful ride, the TV personality has also owned more than a few houses along the way, including one in Beverly Hills. Recently sold in 2020 for a whopping $25 million, this 10,000-square-foot abode sits on 0.82 acres of land. Among its many amenities include a solarium, a tanning salon, a gym, and a wellness suite with its very own spa.

Stephen King | Price Unknown, Bangor, Maine | Tesla Model S

In the world of horror novels, writer Stephen King often takes credit for being the – pun intended – “King of Horror.” Along the way, he has also expressed – albeit subtly – his fondness for cars in more than a few of his books. With that in mind, it comes as no surprise to know that the author owns a lovely Tesla Model S, and he’s by no means shy to admit how much he loves it!

Besides enjoying some time behind the wheel, the writer is also quite appreciative of his many fans. In fact, in 2019, King made his home in Bangor, Maine, into an archive of his work. Not only that, but he also made it a writer’s retreat, allowing five writers per visit. Well, with plenty of memorabilia present as inspiration, it’s safe to say any aspiring horror author can create an intriguing work just by taking a glimpse around this Victorian-style mansion.

Tom Cruise | $39.5 Million, Colorado | 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

Besides showcasing an actor’s acting chops, many movies also present jaw-dropping set pieces, many of which require the help of stunt doubles. Even so, there’s one celebrity that’s known for keeping insurance companies on their toes, and that’s Tom Cruise. Well-known for doing most – if not all – of his stunts, the actor has since earned quite a fortune, which is most apparent with his many prized possessions.

Through the years, Cruise has developed an impressive car collection. One such beauty in his garage is the 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS, a gorgeous vehicle he even used in his Jack Reacher movie. Meanwhile, on the real estate side of things, the actor has also owned and sold a couple of homes, with the most recent being his Colorado estate. Now on the market for a whopping $39.5 million, this 320-acre sanctuary provides both privacy and an all-around cozy experience for its residents.

Rihanna | $22 Million, Barbados| Lamborghini Aventador

After her first two albums, Music of the Sun and A Girl like Me, became highly acclaimed records, Rihanna’s popularity soared to even higher degrees thanks to her follow-up single Umbrella. Since then, she’s also earned quite a fortune, so it comes as no surprise the singer spent $22 million to get her very own beach house in Barbados. Along with its gorgeous architecture, this tropical haven also provides residents a lovely unfiltered view of the ocean ahead.

Besides her dabbling in the real estate business, Rihanna has also bought herself more than a few cars through the years. Perhaps one of the most recognizable beauties in her collection is this Lamborghini Aventador, which can go from zero to 60mph in just 2.9 seconds. With that said, this $750,000 ride is kept company by the singer’s other vehicles, including a Porsche 911 Turbo S, a Porsche 997 Turbo, and a Mercedes SLR McLaren.

Rebel Wilson | $2.95 Million, West Hollywood | Toyota Prius

Although she’s relatively new in the entertainment industry, Rebel Wilson wasted no time establishing her presence. After appearing in a few shows here and there, she eventually gained widespread recognition thanks to her acting credit in films such as the Pitch Perfect movies, How to be Single, and Jojo Rabbit.

With her celebrity status, it’s safe to say the actress goes through a lot of traveling on an almost-daily basis. Well, to satisfy her transportation needs, Rebel bought herself a Toyota Prius, a hybrid vehicle that’s both efficient and comfortable to ride in. Besides her car of choice, Wilson also pulled no punches in choosing her go-to residence. Throughout her career, the actress has owned more than a few lovely homes, including this humble abode in West Hollywood. Bought for $2.95 million, this haven has just about everything to keep its residents cozy, including a bar, a veranda, a pool, a spa, and an outdoor fireplace.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle | $14.65 Million, Santa Barbara, California | Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero

With all things considered, it comes as no surprise that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married in style. In fact, for their wedding vehicle of choice, the royal couple had a lovely customized Jaguar E-Type. Although its design is mostly unchanged, the upgrade made on this Jaguar is in its technical features. Instead of running on gas, this beauty has been converted into an electric vehicle, which fits quite well with the couple’s love for the environment.

For some time, the couple has been house hunting, looking for the ideal property to call their home. Well, their search has finally concluded, and the royal couple now resides in this gorgeous haven in Santa Barbara, California. Bought for $14.65 million, the 14,500-square-foot house sits on 7.4 acres of land, providing its residents with plenty of living space. It features a pool, a tennis court, a tea house, a theater, a wine cellar, and a children’s cottage, perfect for their son Archie.

Kendall Jenner | Price Unknown, Los Angeles | 1957 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

Thanks to the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kendall Jenner and her siblings garnered a skyrocketing degree of popularity. With the fame, the model also earned quite a fortune, more than enough to buy herself this serene Los Angeles home. A house surrounded by calm and soft colors, it’s safe to say this celebrity’s humble abode has more than enough to provide her her daily dose of peace and quiet.

For her taste in cars, Jenner is quite fond of many of the world’s vintage beauties. With that said, one such ride in her collection is this 1957 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible, which she bought back in 2015 for her birthday. Besides restoring its engine, she didn’t do much for its other features, opting to maintain its old-school charm. Other cars the model has in her garage include a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible, a 1960s Cadillac Eldorado, and a 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible.

Robert Pattinson | $2.176 Million, Hollywood Hills | Porsche Boxster

Thanks to his role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight movies, Robert Pattinson has since garnered worldwide fame. With that said, it comes as no surprise that the actor has also made investments in his dream home, one that ensures his well-deserved privacy after a day’s worth of work. Well, he certainly got what he was looking for when he bought this Hollywood Hills estate. Reportedly bought for $2.176 million, the property features plenty of living space and a just-as-cozy outdoor area.

Meanwhile, for his driving needs, the actor is often seen cruising the streets in his Porsche Boxster. In more recent years, this beauty can be sold for at least $59,000. Don’t let this relatively low price fool you, though, because this vehicle can go from zero to 60mph in just 4.7 seconds. Besides this lovely beast, Pattinson also owns a Chevrolet Silverado – perfect for when he feels like taking things at a slower pace.

Caitlyn Jenner | $8 Million, Malibu | Porsche 911 GT2 RS

Like her kids, Caitlyn Jenner has spent portions of her investment money on more than a few real estate properties. One such example is her Malibu beach home, which is now on the market for $8 million. Alongside the breathtaking view of the ocean and the horizon ahead, this humble abode provides its residents with amenities such as a chef’s kitchen, a fireplace, convenient for cold nights, and a back deck with its own dining area and couches.

Besides owning a couple of gorgeous homes through the years, Jenner is also quite a car enthusiast. With that said, perhaps the most eye-catching piece in her collection is this Porsche 911 GT2 RS, made all the more attractive by its black and yellow paint job. Although she’s often seen cruising the streets in this beauty, that doesn’t mean she no longer gives her other rides a spin. Other cars the former Olympian has kept in her garage include an Austin-Healey Bugeye Sprite and another Porsche – a 911 GT3 RS.

Oprah Winfrey | Estimated $100 Million, Montecito, California | Tesla Model S

An outspoken lover of the environment, it comes as no surprise that Oprah Winfrey eventually bought herself a Tesla Model S, trading off the usual diesel-powered vehicle for something that relies more on electricity. Well, besides expanding her already-impressive car collection through the years, the world-famous talk show host has also spent portions of her fortune gifting others with lovely vehicles – she once gave 275 audience members each a Volkswagen Beetle!

Although she has since become known for her habit of sharing, Winfrey still has more than enough to satisfy her and her family’s needs at the end of the day. One such example is this gorgeous Montecito home, which she lovingly calls “The Promised Land.” After seeing the house in 2001, the host wasted no time purchasing this 42-acre sanctuary for $52 million. Since then, its value has skyrocketed and is now reportedly worth north of $100 million!

Patrick Dempsey | Price Unknown, Malibu, California | Jaguar E-Type Coupe

If there’s one thing actor Patrick Dempsey and legendary racer Enzo Ferrari agree on, it’s that the Jaguar E-Type Coupe is one of the most beautiful cars the automobile industry has ever introduced. Besides his reputation as the character Derek Shepherd in the TV show Grey’s Anatomy, Dempsey is also a race car driver. With that said, it comes as no surprise he has other gas-powered beauties in his collection, including a Lotus Exige S, a Jaguar XK120, a Mercedes SL Roadster, and a Ferrari F430 GT2.

Along with his precious car collection, the actor-racer is more than proud of his Malibu home. First made some time around the 1960s by the architect Frank Gehry, this 5,000-square-foot haven now shelters the actor and his family. Accompanied by its all-around warm and cozy living space, it also has a scenic outdoor area, perfect for when its residents feel like spending their afternoons under the sun, savoring the calm and gentle breeze.

Renee Zellweger | $1.32 Million, Connecticut | Mercedes E63

Thanks to her acting credits in projects such as The Whole Wide World, Jerry Maguire, Nurse Betty, and Me, Myself, and Irene, Renee Zellweger has since made quite a name for herself under the spotlight. With that in consideration, it’s safe to say the actress also has a busy schedule, perhaps working on upcoming projects and other endeavors. Well, to help with her traveling needs, Renee opted to buy herself a Mercedes E63. If she wants to drive something else, she also has a Mini Cooper kept safely in her garage.

Like other celebrities, Zellweger ensured her home could provide her with utmost privacy, keeping away any prying eyes in the process. For that, the actress bought herself a three-story colonial estate in Connecticut. Purchased in 2004 for $1.32 million, this 3,463-square-foot house sits on a 38-acre plot and features amenities such as a wood-paneled library, seven fireplaces, and most especially, a recreation barn.

Ryan Reynolds | $2.495 Million, Bedford, New York | Tesla Model S

At this point, moviegoers can surely recognize Ryan Reynolds for his role as the fan-favorite merc-with-a-mouth Deadpool. Besides his reputation under the Hollywood spotlight, the actor has also made a couple of investments in other ventures, including the real estate scene. For some time, Reynolds and his wife, actress Blake Lively, called this lovely house their home. This 8,000-square-foot abode is nothing short of beautiful, and that is further emphasized by the lush green scenery visible on all sides of the property.

With the fame and fortune he’s received through the years, it comes as no surprise the actor also has an impressive vehicle collection. A mix between electric-powered and diesel-fueled rides, Reynolds now owns many of the world’s lovely rides, including this Tesla Model S. Besides going from zero to 60mph in just 3.1 seconds, this Tesla provides passengers and its driver with heated seats and a spacious cabin, guaranteeing all-around comfort.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau | Price Unknown, Hollywood Hills | Audi F103

Like the other celebrities working under the spotlight today, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau also has a love for all things related to cars. Although not much is known about his collection just yet, the actor can often be seen cruising the streets with this old-school beauty, an Audi F103. Well, with the growing trend of electric vehicles, perhaps it’s safe to say the actor is saving up some investment money on more eco-friendly rides, notably electric cars.

Throughout the production of Game of Thrones, Coster-Waldau spent most of his time off-set resting in hotels or houses provided by studio executives. Right after filming of the final season concluded, though, the actor decided to finally buy his very own home in America. Located in Hollywood Hills, the actor’s humble abode showcases a minimalist aesthetic, emphasizing its all-around homely atmosphere. To top it off, in case he and his kids want to go for a swim, this haven also has an outdoor pool close to the private garden.

Nicole Kidman | $6.85 Million, Los Angeles | Audi Q7

Since her breakthrough performance on 1989’s thriller feature Dead Calm, Nicole Kidman has worked on other films such as The Hours, Far and Away, and Eyes Wide Shut. Well, like her reputation under the spotlight, the actress’ ride of choice radiates the same degree of class and versatility. This vehicle in question is none other than her Audi Q7, an all-around ride capable of cruising through almost any kind of terrain.

When she isn’t busy with any projects, Kidman prefers to spend her free time in her Los Angeles home, which she shares with her husband, Keith Urban, and their kids. Since buying it in 2008 for $6.85 million, the couple has made a few upgrades to its amenities, including the addition of a slide for their pool, a jungle gym, and a swing set. Safe to say it’s now just as much a playground as it is a home.

Roger Federer | Approximately $8.94 Million, Wollerau, Switzerland | Mercedes Benz SLS AMG

Thanks to their fame, celebrities often land endorsement deals with brands and companies, which in turn, pay them in return for their cooperation. Well, for tennis’ Roger Federer, it’s safe to say the player is no stranger to such opportunities. In fact, one of his most notable deals is with car-manufacturing company Mercedes Benz. With that in mind, it comes as no surprise Roger now owns one of their lovely works, a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG.

Besides getting his hands on a couple of Mercedes’ four-wheeled wonders, the tennis player also spent £6.5 million – approximately $8.94 million – worth of investment money on a home for him and his family. Built from scratch on a 1.5-acre plot, this gorgeous sanctuary has three floors and has two apartments – one for Federer, his wife, and his kids, the other for his parents. It also has a variety of amenities, including a top-of-the-line gym, swimming pools, and an outdoor area with a lovely view.

Johnny Depp | $55 Million, Provence, France | 1959 Chevrolet Corvette

Besides releasing songs and appearing in shows and movies, some celebrities also have a habit of spending an astounding amount of fortune on just about anything. Well, among them include the world-famous actor Johnny Depp. In 2001, Johnny made investments in a lovely home located in Provence, France.

That sounds fine, yes, but that wasn’t the only thing he purchased. Besides the house, the actor also purchased the village it was located in and restored its worn-out buildings in the process. After almost two decades of ownership, though, the actor finally placed the entire estate for sale for a price of $55 million. Along the way, Depp also spent some of his fortunes on a few of the world’s lovely cars. One such beauty in his collection is the classic 1959 Chevrolet Corvette, which he got as a gift from producer Graham King.

Robert Downey Jr. | Price Unknown, Hamptons | 2009 Audi R8

In more recent years, Robert Downey Jr. has become most well-known for his acting credit as Tony Stark, AKA the Iron Man, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Well, like his on-screen persona, the actor also has quite a fondness for vehicles. With that said, one such vehicle in his collection is a 2009 Audi R8, which he got as a gift from the crew he worked with in 2008’s Iron Man.

He may share a love for cars as Tony Stark, but the same can’t be said for Downey’s house of choice. Instead of modern designs and architecture, the actor opted for this 19th-century estate. With its playful atmosphere, lovely design, and many amenities, including a cozy outdoor living area and pool, it’s safe to say this vibrant and nature-filled sanctuary has just about everything Robert and his family is looking for.

Nicolas Cage | $10.95 Million, San Francisco | 1959 Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spyder

The National Treasure actor Nicolas Cage had a treasure in San Francisco. He owned a grand Tudor Revival estate originally built in 1914 for renowned sculptor Haig Patigian. The house spans 6,305 square feet and consists of six bedrooms, six bathrooms, a manicured garden-style backyard, a grand foyer, a cozy library with a fireplace, hardwood flooring, a powder room, and a living room with two Gothic-inspired chandeliers. Cage reportedly scooped up $9.4 million for the property in 2006 but sold it at $10.95 million in 2017.

Aside from historic residences, the actor also accumulated a collection of rare, classic cars. Apparently, he favors Italian brands. One of his vehicles is the 1959 Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spyder. The unit was specially crafted for drivers who prefer a fast sports car. The car company manufactured only 51 versions, and the actor was fortunate to own number 34.

Nicki Minaj | $30,000/month, Beverly Hills | Lamborghini Aventador

Nicki Minaj has been a Beverly Hills resident since 2016. She reportedly spends $30,000/month to live in this Mediterranean-style house, although the property doesn’t include a robust home security system. In 2017, it was ransacked by burglars, but thank goodness the musician was safe. Anyway, the entire house has a living area of 11,500 square feet, nine bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a five-car garage, a pool, a spa, a sprawling lawn, a built-in BBQ in the yard, a living room, a dining area, and family rooms.

If you’ve been following Minaj, you would know that she owns a pink Lamborghini Aventador. While she’s not the first to paint her car pink, her car is one of the most notable rides in the entertainment industry. What’s more, she reportedly splurged $30,000 to get her vehicle painted. By the way, the car’s price tag is $400,000.

Neil Patrick Harris | $3 Million, California | Toyota Prius

Neil Patrick Harris once lived in this Sherman Oaks, California home with his husband David Burtka and their fraternal twins Gideon and Harper. The couple recently listed this $3 million abode on the market. Contrary to his personality on screen, Harris preferred a laid-back home in this gorgeous SoCal neighborhood. Of course, there’s a family room where the four of them probably gathered and watched his shows and films. The 4,000 square-foot home features six bedrooms, a formal dining room, a powder room, two built-in wine coolers, an outdoor pizza oven, a built-in BBQ in the yard, a grotto-esque jacuzzi, and rich dark wood floors.

The Doogie Howser, M.D. actor was also seen driving a black Toyota Prius around the Beverly Hills community. He opted to own a hybrid electric automobile that could save up gas, promoting better fuel economy.

Michael Jordan | $14.9 Million, Chicago | Bugatti Veyron Sang Noir

Michael Jordan listed his famed Chicago mansion for $14.9 million, which is roughly half of its original $29 million asking price. The retired basketball pro has been selling the property since 2012, but he couldn’t find a buyer until now. The 56,000-square-foot estate is tailored to his career and hobbies, including the No. 23 front gate and Air Jordan logos. Built from scratch, the property is a residential monument to his athletic and business investments. It has nine bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, four half baths, a floating island kitchen, a double grand staircase, and a 14-car garage. The amenities that stand out most are a basketball gym, putting green, circular infinity pool, tennis court, and a game room.

The basketball star also likes to spend his hard-earned dollars on cars. Among his recent purchases is the Bugatti Veyron Sang Noir, one of the company’s only 12 Sang Noirs.

Michael J. Fox | $4.2 Million, Connecticut | DeLorean DMC-12

Michael J. Fox rose to prominence for his role in the Back to the Future film series. Since then, he has amassed multi-million investment money. One of his best buys is the 5,000-square-feet property in Connecticut. The stone cottage was custom built for the actor and his wife in 1997, and it features six bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. The estate boasts top-quality appliances, a rectangular swimming pool, a sunny dining area, a stone-walled kitchen, an 18th-century horse barn, a guest apartment, wood flooring, and an open farm field.

The Back to the Future films introduced us to the DeLorean time machine, a car used by Fox’s character. As for memorabilia to his best-selling movie, the actor also keeps one. The DeLorean DMC-12 was manufactured by the De Lorean Motor Company in the ’80s and later became an icon in itself.

Mel Gibson | $14.495 Million, California | 2008 Maserati Quattroporte

Mel Gibson, whose net worth stands at $425 million, recently put his Malibu property on the market. Located in the celeb-pedigreed spread, the property has a living space of 6,600 square feet, five bedrooms, five bathrooms, additional quarters for guests, and a detached three-car garage. There’s also a cook’s kitchen, a tile-floored family room, manicured gardens, a stone-terraced leisure complex, a combination pool house/gym, and two swimming pools. The Braveheart actor acquired the estate for $11.5 million and now sells it for a cool $14.495 million.

If we only have as much money as him, we’d also like to buy luxurious cars. The actor-turned-director, however, has kept his car purchases very modest. He was known to be frugal when it comes to his money, not allowing himself to drown in personal loans. One of his infrequent yet valuable purchases is the 2008 Maserati Quattroporte.

Megyn Kelly | $585,000, Virginia | Audi Sedan

Megyn Kelly is a commentator and television host who has enjoyed a long and successful career. She has worked for major cable networks, including Fox News and NBC News. She was also hailed by Time magazine as one of the world’s 100 most influential people in 2014. During her time with NBC, her reputation was marred, forcing her to leave the network and operate through her social media channels on YouTube and Instagram.

Before making her way to the television screens, Kelly lived in a Stonegate apartment in Virginia. She reportedly forked out $585,000 for the property. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a bad investment when she sold the property in 2013 and lost $70,000 on the deal. Not much is known about the apartment’s facilities, but Kelly and her then-husband used to own another abode within the vicinity. On a few occasions, the news anchor was spotted using an Audi sedan.

Matthew Perry | $13.1 Million, California | BMW 6 Series

Gone are the days that he’s renting an apartment like his character Chandler Bing on the hit sitcom Friends, as actor Matthew Perry now owns several properties, including this beautiful beachfront house in Malibu, worth $13.1 million. He bought the oceanfront estate in 2011 for $12 million, and after a few modifications, he decided to sell the house. It features 5,500 square feet of living area, four bedrooms, and three and a half bathrooms. There’s also a state-of-the-art movie theater, an open loft-like living room, an outdoor spa, a dual-sided fireplace, a sitting room, a two-story deck, and glass walls that give a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean.

As for his cars, he reportedly owns a Porsche Panamera, an Audi R8, a BMW Z8, and a Lincoln Navigator. We recently spotted him filling up the gas tank of his black BMW 6 series.

Miley Cyrus | $5.8 Million, Tennessee | Porsche Cayenne GTS

Miley Cyrus has owned quite a few lavish properties in the past years, but her new addition to her real estate portfolio is located in her hometown of Franklin, Tennessee. It spans a vast 6,698 square feet and features five bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, a country chic interior, a ranch-like wrapped veranda, red brick accents, and prominent wooden features. You can see from the photo the rustic vibe that fits Tennessee’s countryside feels. The singer-songwriter purchased the home that sits atop a 33-acre land for $5.8 million.

Here’s what she reportedly keeps in her garage: a Smart Fortwo, an Infiniti G35 Coupe, a Maserati Quattroporte, a Mercedes ML 450 Hybrid, a Range Rover Sport, a Tesla Model S, and a McLaren MP4-12C. The Wrecking Ball singer, however, is frequently spotted with her black Porsche Cayenne GTS at gas stations.

Mary-Kate Olsen | $15.99 Million, New York | GMC Yukon

Mary-Kate Olsen has paved her path in fashion design over the years. She established the luxury fashion brand called The Row with her twin sister Ashley. Among her many investments is a pair of Manhattan townhouses, which she co-owned with her then-husband, Olivier Sarkozy. She sold these posh residences for $8.3 million and $7.69 million, respectively. To sum it up, the properties’ value is $15.99 million. The first one, located at 123 E. 10th St., measures 4,200 square feet and has a total of five bedrooms. The second, located at 125 E. 10th St., has the same measure and number of bedrooms.

The fashionista prefers a full-size luxury SUV and chose a GMC Yukon. In our opinion, it suits her very well since it provides style and security. She also owns a fleet of vehicles that she uses in Paris and Los Angeles.

Mark Zuckerberg | $7 Million, California | 2014 Pagani Huayra

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, now has a hundred billion net worth. He reportedly owns a number of properties, including a $7 million home in Palo Alto, California. The tech mogul purchased this home in 2011, and it probably has home security. The modest property has an area of 5,617 square feet and comes with five bedrooms and five bathrooms. There’s also a saltwater pool, an entertainment pavilion, a glassed-in sunroom, a barbeque area, a fireplace, and a spa. The interior comprises wood floors and traditional furniture. He reportedly shelled out more than $30 million to acquire the surrounding properties as well.

The Facebook founder also forked out more than a million dollars for a 2014 Pagani Huayra supercar. He is also frequently seen driving a basic Honda Fit hatchback, an Acura TSX sedan, and a Volkswagen Golf GTI hatchback.

Mark Wahlberg | $8 Million, California | Bentley Azure T

American actor Mark Wahlberg resides in the contemporary yet majestic Beverly Park estate, worth $8 million. The property sits on a 6.14-acre lot and has about 30,000 square feet of living area. It features 11 bedrooms, 18 bathrooms, a movie theater, a wine cellar, a library, a stone pool and spa, a putting green, an entertainment complex, a full-size basketball court, and a guest house. Beverly Park also ensures high security as they employ guards and security personnel that are on duty 24/7. It’s no wonder that the rich and famous live there! Wahlberg’s neighbors include Sylvester Stallone, Eddie Murphy, and Haim Saban.

The Deepwater Horizon actor also has a phenomenal car collection and has an enthusiasm for all things automotive. Back in the day, he couldn’t even afford insurance. Now that he’s earning millions, he likes spending money on cars, such as Bentley Azure T.

Mark Hamill | $3 Million, California | BMW Sedan

The one and only actor who portrayed Luke Skywalker in the hit Star Wars film franchise has been considered an icon by many, Mark Hamill received credits for his performance in the space opera movie, and he has since branched out into writing a comic book. Post-Star Wars, he also appeared on stage in several theater productions and focused on his voice acting work.

The 69-year-old actor has all his privacy set in his enormous Malibu house. His property is also close to the ocean, which highlights its refreshing aura. The house is estimated to be $3 million and is surrounded by a garden where countless trees grow. It features several bedrooms, bathrooms, and a swimming pool, among many other amenities. As for his sweet ride, he prefers a black BMW sedan, which reportedly costs between $33,000 and $48,000.

Mariah Carey | $9 Million, California | Porsche Cayenne SUV

The “Songbird Supreme” Mariah Carey used to enjoy a gorgeous home in Los Angeles with her then-husband, Nick Cannon. In 2015, they put up their Bel Air home for sale for $9 million. The house, previously owned by Farrah Fawcett, has a living space of 11,750 square feet and sits on a 3-acre land. It has two gated driveways, numerous patios, a swimming pool, a spa, a massive brick terrace, a field-stone fireplace, and a putting green. There are six bedrooms, six bathrooms, and an indoor basketball court coined as the “Aspen Room.” They purchased it for $6.975 million, which means they gained a hefty return on their investment.

While Carey seems to be private about the cars she owns, she was once gifted a hot pink Porsche Cayenne SUV by Cannon, which reportedly cost between $45,000 and $125,000, depending on the customization and options.

Louis Tomlinson | $7.3 million, California | Porsche Boxster

Former One Direction member Louis Tomlinson pursued a solo career after the boy band’s hiatus. He gained further prominences and later spent his investment money on a majestic Hollywood Hills mansion for $7.3 million in 2016. After four years, he decided to sell the property for $6.4 million and yielded almost a million-dollar loss. The 6,000-square-foot estate has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, expensive midcentury furniture, a concrete deck for relaxation or al fresco dining, and an infinity-edged swimming pool. Built in 1937, the entire structure is modern and glamorous and fans out a holiday or “staycation” atmosphere.

Tomlinson also has a sensible taste when it comes to vehicles. He didn’t even hesitate while buying a black Porsche Boxster. The unit is a two-seater sports car manufactured by Porsche across four generations. Porsche Boxster’s price starts at $59,600, and base prices can top $150,000.

Lori Loughlin | $8.55 Million Hidden Hills | Porsche Panamera

Lori Loughlin was born on July 28, 1964 in Queens, New York. The actress has appeared in numerous TV shows and is now enjoying the best life with her net worth of $6 million. She is married to Mossimo Giannulli, with whom she has two daughters.

Their abode in Hidden Hills has 6 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms. The huge mansion was built only in 2019 so they got the place practically brand new. At $9.5 million, the couple’s new home is quite a stunning sight. The house is 11,748 square feet wide and is located in a very upscale community. The farmhouse theme of the place gives the luxurious home a cozy vibe. Complete with a sizable swimming pool, high ceilings, and a wine storage complete with temperature control technology, they surely are getting the best of the investment money that they spent. Complete with Loughlin’s Porsche Panamera, there isn’t anything else they could ask for!

Liam Neeson | $3.71 Million New York | Ferrari F430 and Bentley

Liam John Neeson was born on June 7, 1952 in Ireland. Given credit as one of the best actors of all time, he started acting in his school theater as a boy. It was only later that he decided it was the path for him as he first had his eyes set on boxing. He started training at nine years old and soon became Ulster’s amateur senior boxing champion. He also went to college to study physics and computer science at Queens University Belfast. It’s a good thing that he later started acting because he didn’t only grace our screens with great performances but also made a name and a fortune for himself.

He has a grand house located in Millbrook, New York priced at $3.71 million. Placed in a huge area of land, his mansion is proudly encircled by a lot of green. Complete with a tennis court, his property is surely something that will suit Liam and his interests. He also has a fleet of luxury car, with two of the highlights of his collection being a Ferrari F430 and a Bentley.

Leonardo Dicaprio | $10.95 Million Malibu | Tesla Roadster

Born in Los Angeles, California, Leonardo DiCaprio was destined to be in the movie industry. He is known as a great actor but behind the scenes, he is also a skilled writer and producer. He started out his career very early by doing commercials back in the 1980s. His small gigs led to his discovery and he was soon casted TV shows and finally his first film in 1991, Critters 3. The rest is history. We all know now that he is simply one of the best in his trade.

Since he is one of the most sought-after actors there are, it is not surprising that he might also be one of the highest-paid ones. He used his fortune to get himself a beautiful house in Malibu. His estate includes not one but three structures. The main house has 4 bedrooms, the guesthouse has 2 bedrooms, and another building is dedicated to a gym, a loft, and an office. Set in Malibu Colony, the house’s insurance is surely skyrocketing but that should be a problem to a celebrity like Leo. With his grand mansion, he also has an impressive collection of cars, such as a Tesla Roadster.

Lee Majors | $19.25 Million, Malibu | 1972 Porsche 917/10

Lee Majors was born on April 23, 1939, in Wyandotte, Michigan. The American actor made a name for himself after he appeared in numerous films like The Fall Guy, The Six Million Dollar Man, Scrooged, Out Cold, and Big Fat Liar. He also had endorsement deals with Bionic Alert, IBM ThinkPad Notebook, and the Honda CRV. All of his engagements earned him a net worth of $15 million. Now in his 80s, we can really say that he has lived a full life and his retirement must be spectacular as well.

Lee has a home in Houston, Texas, but his magnificent place in Malibu, California is what a lot of people are raving about. It has five bedrooms and four huge bathrooms. It is 3000 square feet wide and has a zen-meets-seaside theme. Priced at $19.25 million, the movie star probably didn’t need a mortgage when he bought this beautiful home. There is currently no information on the latest cars Lee drives but he is always linked to the 1972 Porsche that he drove in the hit film The Last Chase.

LeBron James | $9 Million, Miami | Ferrari F430

Lebron James is known for being arguably one of the best basketball players of his generation. The NBA star is a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and playing for the team has gotten him a lot of attention, not to mention a lot of wealth. All of his endorsements have earned him approximately $50 million annually on top of his professional salary as an athlete. His fortune afforded him to live lavishly, just like any other celebrity.

He has a house located in Miami, Florida, that has a price tag of $9 million. The mansion is home to LeBron and his family, but he also has another property in Akron, Ohio. The lavish spender often uses his credit card to purchase things like diamond jewelry and designer clothes and accessories. He also has a lot of cars – his Ferrari F430 has at least 7 more friends in his garage.

Laurence Fishburne | Amount Undisclosed, Los Angeles | BMW M4

Laurence Fishburne first started acting when he landed the role of Joshua Hall in One Life to Live, a TV series that aired in the ‘70s. Since that big break, he got bigger roles, and eventually, he found his way to the film industry as well. He appeared in a lot of movies including Apocalypse, Akeelah and the Bee, Boyz in the Hood, What’s Love Got to Do With It, Last Flag Flying, Contagion, Deep Cover, and The Matrix.

On TV, he is also in CSI New York, CSI Miami, and The Equalizer. His long list of film and TV credits earned him a fortune and a name in the industry. It is only but fitting that he lives a life fit for a celebrity.
He has a home in Los Angeles, California, and another home on the Upper East Side of New York. He drives a BMW M4 that’s amount is undisclosed.

Laura Ingraham | $3 Million, Washington DC | Rolls Royce Phantom and Ferrari F-448

Laura Ingraham is known as one of the royalties of Fox News. She has been living in Washington DC for quite some time now and is pretty active in her field. Because of all the work that she does in media and journalism, she has amassed quite a fortune. She is now living in one of the most luxurious houses in the state apart from the White House.

Her DC home is priced at $3 million and features six bedrooms. She bought the estate from a lawyer named Robert Brauneis and it is located at Woodley Park. She lives there with her three kids and her husband. Laura also owns a collection of impressive cars. She has a Rolls Royce Phantom worth $450,0000 and a Ferrari F-448 worth $330,000. All of these are definitely fruits of her hard work over the years. She is now living the good life with her loved ones.

Lady Gaga | $23 Million, Malibu | Mercedes-Benz GL450

Lady Gaga was born on March 28, 1986, in New York. Given credit as one of the biggest stars of today, she has a whopping net worth of $220 million. She rose to fame with her songs Bad Romance, Just Dance, and Poker Face. Known as one of the more eccentric celebrities, Lady Gaga has a total of 14 tattoos but she keeps them all on the left side of her body. She said that this is because her father, Joseph Germanotta, asked her to “keep the crazy on one side” and try to stay normal on the other. As a singer, record producer, and songwriter, she has definitely accomplished a lot.

Her fortune has afforded her not only a few houses but also a lot of cars. She has a mansion in Malibu, California, that has a price point of $23 million. Complete with a swimming pool and everything she might possibly need, the home is definitely oozing with her one-of-a-kind personality. She also has a lot of cars including a Mercedes-Benz GL450 that she got for $65,475.

Kylie Minogue | $2.1 Million, Armadale | Maserati GranTurismo S

The iconic singer Kylie Minogue has reached much success through her music and all her performances. Because of this, she was able to make a lot of real estate investments. From living in Melbourne in her parents’ home, she soon afforded her own place and bought more houses than a usual person would. She got a Victorian home located at the Camberwell Junction but she sold it back in 2016. After she attained massive success from Neighbors, she bought another house in Cambridge Street, Armadale, in 1990. It featured a gorgeous two-bedroom terrace. In 2017, its price point was already $2.1 million.

When she leaves her house, she drives a Maserati Gran Turismo S, a car labeled as one of the most stylish cars in the market. The beautiful coupe has two doors, a smooth and sleek style, and a great driving feel.

Kylie Jenner | $6 Million, Hidden Hills | Ferrari 458 Italia

Kylie Jenner is given credit for being the youngest billionaire in the world today. Her cosmetic empire has afforded her quite a lot at such a young age. Other than that, she is also a regular in the reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Because of all the wealth that she has, she was able to buy her first home at only 17 years old. She doesn’t live there anymore, though, and she has since sold it for more than the price that she paid for when she bought it. She is now residing in her mansion in Hidden Hills. For $6 million, she got a 7040-square-foot property with a house complete with six bedrooms and seven bathrooms – more spacious than her last estate. She also has a movie theater, a pool, a big garage for her car collection, and a wine cellar.

When Kylie was 18 years old, her boyfriend Tyga bought her a Ferrari, her dream car. He reportedly spent around $240,000 on the luxurious present. This was also a celebration because it was the first time the couple officially announced that they were together in public.

Kurt Russell | $6.9 Million, Pacific Palisades | Charger

Kurt Russell and his wife Goldie Hawn owned a mansion in the Pacific Palisades. The property that they had is 6,389-square-foot wide and had a structure with five bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a guest room with two floors and very high roofing. The gorgeous architecture really became the highlight of the estate. The spacious living room was filled with natural light and the master suite had its own spa, fireplace, and sauna. Of course, a celebrity’s house would not be complete without a pool.

With regards to his set of wheels, Kurt loves taking the 1970 Black Dodge Challenger that he drove in the movie Death Proof for a spin. The Quentin Tarantino film chose this car for the scenes, but Kurt admitted in an interview that his own flat black Charger was a better fit for him and the muscle car’s engine really impressed him.

Kevin Spacey| $11 Million, Los Angeles | Mercedes-Benz and Renault

Kevin started as a stage actor during the 1980s and having this experience in theatre made him a great film and television actor. He won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for the film The Usual Suspects. He also won an Academy Award for Best Actor for the drama film American Beauty.

Kevin’s investment in his craft made him a lot of money. He owned a property in Los Angeles, and this house has an area of 6,595 square feet and has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. He sold it at $11 million to an unknown buyer. He also owns a Mercedes-Benz and Renault. With all the stuff he had bought using his sizable paycheck, he is definitely not only living a great life but also giving his family and loved ones a spectacular one. They can afford to live in the fast lane!

Kevin Costner | $60 Million, Santa Barbara | Mercedes CLA AMG

Kevin is a well-known actor and film director who received two Academy Awards for his works. He also won two Golden Globe Awards and a Primetime Emmy Award. His investment in the film industry made him financially successful. He is a respected actor, and later on, he started producing and directing as well.

Having a net worth of $250 million, we can say that Kevin is living an extravagant lifestyle. He owns a lot of properties including a 10.25-acre ranch in Santa Barbara Country worth $60 million. He also once owned a hacienda in Hollywood Hills which he sold to Ryan Seacrest for $11.5million. Aside from real estate, the actor is a car enthusiast, too. He owns a Mercedes CLA AMG worth $200,000, a Toyota Tundra worth $31,500, and a Mustang Shelby, to name a few. The hard work and dedication of Kevin to his craft made him a successful man, and he deserves the things that he got for the time and talent that he spent in the film industry.

Kelly Clarkson | $1.5 Million, Texan, Mansfield | Daytona 500

Singer Kelly Clarkson was born on April 24, 1982, in Fort Worth, Texas. She is the first-ever winner of the successful talent show American Idol. Now a huge name in music and TV, she has made millions from her career. Using her talent and beauty, she has risen to fame and has earned herself quite a lot of money. Her estimated net worth today is $28 million and that is more than enough for her lavish lifestyle!

Using the money that she got from her job, she was able to include houses and cars in her investment planning for herself and her family. She has a beautiful mansion located in Texan, Mansfield. Its value is currently $1.5 million, and it is a great family home for her kids but it also has sweet features for her and her husband like a jacuzzi. She also has a Daytona 500 which she drives around town whenever she needs to.

Keanu Reeves | $5 Million, Hollywood Hills | Porsche 911 (993) C4

Actor Keanu Reeves was born in 1964 in Beirut, Lebanon. In the early years of his life, he and his family pretty much went on adventures around the world. They finally stopped for good in Toronto, Canada, where Keanu and his family became citizens and where he finished his studies. His interest in acting started when he was cast in a Romeo and Juliet school play. He then pursued acting seriously and landed several TV and stage credits. Soon, he ventured into film and got his big break when he was chosen to work in Youngblood.

Because he was able to establish himself in his profession, he earned not only fame and recognition but also wealth. He was able to buy a home in the exclusive Hollywood Hills for $5 million. On top of this, he also has a fleet of vehicles in his garage including bikes and a Porsche 911 (993) C4 among his cars.

Kanye West | $60 Million, Calabasas | Bugatti Veyron

Kanye West is a successful rapper, musician, producer, fashion designer, and entrepreneur. He’s achieved widespread success in various fields and industries, and it’s led to him acquiring a massive fortune worth $6.6 billion. Kanye is one of the richest celebrities today, and he can easily buy anything that he wants. With a net worth like that, he can also easily finance a lavish and luxurious lifestyle.

A lavish and luxurious lifestyle wouldn’t be complete without a palatial-like house. Kanye and his wife, Kim Kardashian, purchased a $60 million home located in Calabasas, California. His Calabasas residence is undoubtedly exceptional, and he also keeps a few of his coveted cars in its garage. One particular car we’re eyeing is Kanye’s Bugatti Veyron. He purchased his Veyron back in 2014 for a whopping $2.4 million. We’re more than certain that Kanye didn’t need to secure a money loan before he drove his Bugatti off the dealership lot!

Kaley Cuoco | $12 Million, Hidden Hills | Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT

Kaley Cuoco is a well-known American actress who’s appeared in the hit television sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Without a doubt, she has been able to cultivate a widely successful career as an actress, and she’s made over $100 million throughout her career. With a successful acting career and a staggering net worth, Kaley can purchase any luxury she wants, and she did just that when she purchased a beautiful $11 million home in Hidden Hills!

She purchased this beautiful $11 million Hidden Hills home together with her billionaire husband, Karl Cook. Best believe that the couple didn’t need to take out a hefty money loan so that they can purchase their dream home. Aside from a sprawling mansion, Kaley’s taste for luxury extends to her car of choice. She is often seen driving around the streets of Los Angeles in her Range Rover SUV or in beautiful Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT.

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel | $28 Million, Tribeca | 1967 Pontiac GTO

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are some of the hottest celebrity couples in Hollywood today. They’re also one of the wealthiest as they share an astounding combined net worth of $250 million. In turn, Jessica and Justin can afford to live an extravagant lifestyle if they want to, which includes the freedom to acquire any home or car that they want.

The couple has been known to own a good number of real estate investments together across the United States. One of the most extravagant properties under their ownership is a beautiful $28 million penthouse in Tribeca. It’s undoubtedly an exceptional New York residence as it comes with an indoor pool, steam rooms, and other luxurious amenities. The property also has a drive-in parking garage that comes with its own valet service. Best believe that Justin and Jessica have a few luxury sports cars in their garage, too. Despite having a good number of luxury cars in their garage, they are often seen in a beautiful 1967 Pontiac GTO, which is also Justin’s personal favorite.

Justin Bieber | $26 Million, Beverly Hills | Ferrari F430

Justin Bieber is an extremely popular Canadian pop singer who was able to sell over 150 million records worldwide. He successfully carved a successful career since first starting out as a YouTube sensation. Today, Justin has a staggering fortune valued to be over $285 million. He’s also one of the highest-earning entertainers on the planet, as his annual salary is reportedly around $80 million.

Being a wealthy pop sensation truly brings a ton of benefits. Justin has been actively acquiring real estate investments over the past few years, and it wasn’t shocking at all when he purchased a beautiful $26 million mansion in Beverly Hills. Besides acquiring palatial homes, he has also been known to be fond of luxury sports cars. One car that has been in his ownership for several years is his matte-black Ferrari F430. Without a doubt, Justin is enjoying his life as a world-renowned entertainer!

Julia Roberts | $7.45 Million, Malibu | Toyota Prius

Julia Roberts is an Academy Award-winning actress who has numerous acting credits to her name. She is also one of the wealthiest actresses in the film industry as she has a whopping net worth of $250 million. Julia has been on the list of highest-earning celebrities, and she became the first actress to earn $20 million for her award-winning performance in Erin Brockovich.

It’s perfectly reasonable to expect that Julia resides in a home that’s fit for a queen. Interestingly, she purchased a beautiful home in Malibu four years ago for over $7 million. Her Malibu residence sits on a very private lot, and it’s fully equipped with celebrity-grade amenities. Despite being worth over $250 million, Julia still drives a modest Toyota Prius. With her fortune, she could easily afford any luxury sports car on the market, but the Toyota Prius Hybrid is a modest car that top celebrities seem to be passionate about.

Jon Bon Jovi | $43 Million, Florida | Vintage Corvette

Jon Bon Jovi is one of the most successful rock stars in history. He’s been able to produce 14 studio albums with over 130 million copies sold globally. Besides being a successful rock star, he is also one of the wealthiest musicians in history. Today, he has a massive fortune that’s worth over $420 million, and he spends it on palace-like homes, dreamy cars, and of course, his various philanthropic and charitable causes.

Bon Jovi has been recently reshuffling his portfolio of real estate investments. He recently flipped his old house for a bigger and better $43 million mansion located in Florida. Bon Jovi plans to call his Florida home his permanent residence, and we can’t help but wonder what’s in his garage! He has been known to be an avid car collector, and he says his favorite car out of his collection is his beautiful vintage Corvette. Without a doubt, Bon Jovi truly knows how to live largely.

John Travolta | $10 Million, Florida | Jaguar XJ6

John Travolta is a well-known American actor who’s appeared in iconic films like Grease, Pulp Fiction, Hairspray, and many more. Without a doubt, he is one of the most successful actors in Hollywood, and he’s managed to rake in millions of dollars throughout his career. As of writing, John is worth a whopping $250 million. You’d certainly expect that he’s living his best life filled with extravagance and luxury.

Only wealthy people, including John, can purchase a sprawling Florida property that has access to its own runway. He owns a 550-acre property in the exclusive neighborhood of Jumbolair Estates, and it allows him to keep his Boeing 707 Qantas at a safe distance. John also has a ton of room to keep his prized car collection in his Florida property. His car collection consists of mostly classic cars, and one of them is his beautiful Jaguar XJ6. Since these are some of the most iconic cars, we hope that John secured a good insurance plan for his expensive toys!

JK Rowling | £2.25 Million, Edinburgh | Rolls Royce

Joanne Rowling, or better known as J.K. Rowling, is a true rags-to-riches story. She is best known for creating and writing the Harry Potter franchise, which she’s won multiple awards for and sold over 500 million copies worldwide. Today, she is worth an astounding $670 million, with some saying that she’s already surpassed the $1 billion mark. You’d certainly expect that J.K. Rowling is an author who is now living a relatively comfortable and lavish lifestyle!

She spends her millions acquiring excellent real estate investments and buying luxurious cars. One of the properties under her ownership is a beautiful £2.25million mansion located in Edinburgh. Interestingly, it was the mansion where J.K. Rowling would pen a good number of the books in the Harry Potter franchise. Besides a diverse real estate portfolio, she also has the fanciest rides. She owns a Rolls Royce Phantom worth $400K and a Range Rover.

Jim Parsons | $9 Million, Los Feliz | Ford Mustang

Jim Parsons is one of the most recognizable actors in Hollywood today. He is best known for his credit role as Sheldon Cooper in the hit television show The Big Bang Theory. Jim reportedly got paid a mere $40K during his first few seasons in the show. However, his $40K salary quickly rose to $250K and eventually $1 million per episode during the later seasons. As of writing, Jim is one of the wealthiest actors in Hollywood with a net worth of $160 million!

You’d certainly expect that a celebrity worth $160 million would be living a pretty extravagant and luxurious lifestyle. Without a doubt, Jim is living lavishly, and he does so in his beautiful $9 million Spanish-style home in Los Feliz. His car of choice is also the complete opposite of his nerdy character in The Big Bang Theory. He’s often spotted driving a Ford Mustang, which is a true American muscle car!

Jillian Michaels | $9 Million, Malibu | Mercedes Benz G-Class

Jillian Michaels is a well-known American personal trainer, talk show presenter, entrepreneur, and reality show personality. She is known for her appearances on The Biggest Loser episodes and other similar television shows. She’s currently one of the most popular fitness and personal trainers on the planet today, with a net worth of $18 million.

Being a significant influence on various reality television shows undoubtedly brings in a lot of money for Jillian. In turn, she uses her millions on wise investments like a nice home and a good car that’ll take her from point a to point b. Indeed, Jillian has a beautiful $9.75 million home that’s truly enviable. Her residence sits in a beautiful oceanfront property on Las Flores Beach in Malibu. Whenever she needs to run a few errands, she usually steps out of her beautiful Malibu beach house and drives a beautiful blacked-out Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Without a doubt, Jillian is living an incredibly lavish life filled with luxury!

Jerry Seinfeld | $14.95 Million, Colorado | 1964 Porsche 911

Jerry Seinfeld is a well-known American comedian and television star who has an incredible net worth of $950 million. He earned the majority of his fortune through his iconic television sitcom Seinfeld which proved to be one of the most profitable television shows in TV history. Interestingly, Jerry owns around 7.5% of Seinfeld’s backend equity sales, so, expect him to grow his net worth even more over the years to come.

The amount of $950 million surely is a hefty fortune to own. In turn, he uses it on the things that he’s passionate about, like nice homes and classic cars. He considers his cars as good investments as some of the cars in his collection can be worth millions of dollars. Some say Jerry’s collection is worth around $50 million to $150 million. One of the cars in his prized collection is a beautiful and iconic 1964 Porsche 911. It’d certainly be cool to know the different iconic cars that sit in his 27-acre property in Colorado. He’s currently selling it for $14.95 million, including everything that’s in it!

Jerry Bruckheimer | $11.5 Million, Los Angeles | Shelby Mustang GT500 Eleanor

Jerry Bruckheimer is a well-known and celebrated American film and TV producer. He’s often referred to as “the most powerful and influential man in Hollywood,” and we’d say that moniker is well-deserved. His success as a producer allowed him to earn a mind-blowing fortune worth $1 billion! In turn, it’s a no-brainer for Jerry to spend his money on lavish and luxurious things.

He has been known to keep a solid portfolio of his real estate investments. One of the properties under Jerry’s ownership is a beautiful mansion in Los Angeles’ Brentwood neighborhood. His mansion features seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and a plethora of celebrity-grade amenities that he’s added throughout the years. As for his car of choice, Jerry owns a few iconic cars, and one of them is a classic 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 Eleanor. It’s the car that appeared in the iconic film Gone in 60 Seconds, and expect to see him cruising the streets of Los Angeles with it!

Jennifer Lopez | $28 Million, Bel Air | Porsche 911 Carrera GTS

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most recognizable entertainers in Hollywood today. She has achieved massive success as an actress, dancer, singer, fashion designer, and businesswoman. One cannot argue that Jennifer belongs on the list of top celebrities today. Interestingly, she’s also one of the wealthiest as she currently sits on an astounding fortune worth $400 million!

She is pretty smart with her money as she’s known to have purchased a few real estate investments over the course of her career. In fact, Jennifer has quite a real estate empire, and one of them is her beautiful $28 million mansion located in Bel-Air. This beautiful and massive Bel-Air mansion boasts everything from a 30-seat home theatre, a downstairs pub, and other extravagant amenities. Her extravagance doesn’t end with homes as she’s also got a few cars to showcase. Jennifer’s most recent addition to her fancy rides is a beautiful red Porsche 911 Carrera GTS that her husband gave for her 50th birthday.

Jennifer Lawrence | $8 Million, Beverly Hills | Volkswagen Eos

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the sought-after actresses in Hollywood today. She’s an award-winning actress who currently has an astounding fortune that’s worth $160 million. Her astounding net worth is no surprise as her films have grossed around $6 billion worldwide. With a successful acting career and $160 million in the bank, Jennifer can afford to live a pretty lavish and luxurious lifestyle.

We’d certainly have to commend her as she seems to be pretty smart with her money. She’s known to have acquired several real estate investments over the past few years. Interestingly, Jennifer also constantly reshuffles her real estate portfolio every now and then. One of the most beautiful properties under her ownership is an $8 million mansion in Beverly Hills. Despite earning millions of dollars, Jennifer likes to keep her ride of choice a bit modest. She’s often cruising the streets in a humble Volkswagen Eos. As someone who has a $160 million net worth, she could afford a better and fancier ride, but Jennifer chooses to remain humble and low-key.

Jennifer Garner | $13 Million, Pacific Palisades | Land Rover LR4

Jennifer Garner is a well-known actress and one of the most recognizable celebrities in Hollywood today. Besides acting, she also draws income as a film producer and as a brand endorser and ambassador for well-known brands like Neutrogena and Capital One. In turn, she’s easily one of the wealthiest figures in Hollywood as she sits on a net worth of $80 million. This amount is certainly more than enough to finance any kind of lavish and luxurious lifestyle.

Jennifer certainly made use of her astounding fortune to purchase a beautiful new home in the luxurious neighborhood of the Pacific Palisades. We’re more than confident that her financial advisor gave her the green light as her new home only cost a cool $13 million. Besides lavish homes, Jennifer has also been known to get around town in a few luxurious cars. However, since she became a mother, she had to opt into using a car that’s fit for a family. She then purchased a Land Rover LR2 SUV so she can drive her kids around town.

Jennifer Aniston | $21 Million, Bel Air | Bentley Continental GT

Jennifer Aniston is one of Hollywood’s most successful actresses. She entered the limelight portraying Rachel Green on the hit sitcom Friends. The cast of the show, along with Jennifer, was reported to be paid a hefty sum of $1 million per episode at the peak of its popularity. Moreover, her success in Friends carried over to the film industry with a string of lucrative blockbusters in the 2000s up to the early 2010s. Her leading roles in these films grossed more than $1.6 billion worldwide. She also has several other projects which include endorsement deals and co-founding the production company, Echo Films.

As of 2021, Jennifer’s net worth is approximated at $300 million. With a net worth like this, she can afford to live in luxury. She made an investment in an 8,500-square-foot mansion in Bel Air worth $21 million, which is a heavenly abode which she purchased back in 2011. Apart from her palatial home, she also drives in luxury in a Bentley Continental GT. Certainly not a bad way to flaunt the fruits of her very lucrative career.

Jeff Bezos | $165 Million, Beverly Hills | 1997 Honda Accord

Jeff Bezos, who has a Computer Science and Electrical Engineering degree, founded the company Amazon. The company was originally an online bookstore but eventually became one of the biggest tech companies in the world today. In 2000, he also founded Blue Origin, an aerospace manufacturer as well as a sub-orbital spaceflight service company. Three years later, he bought one of America’s major newspaper outlets, The Washington Post, through his investment firm, Bezos Expeditions. As of March of 2021, Jeff is the richest man on earth with an estimated net worth of $185 billion.

Now, where does the wealthiest man on earth live? In a 9-acre estate in Beverly Hills. Those in the know report that within the estate is a 13,000-square-foot mansion, a pool, lush fern gardens, driveways lined with trees, sculptural fountains, and a guest house. Moreover, he has his private golf course and tennis court within the premises. Who needs to go out on holiday when you have everything at home? On workdays though, Jeff drives around a very modest 1997 Honda Accord. I guess the richest man in the world does not need to flaunt his hefty wealth.

Jason Statham | $7 Million, Sunset Strip | Audi S8

With his excellent martial arts background, Jason Statham is known for his intricate and fast-paced fight sequences. A good example of this is in The Transporter movie. His more recent movies include The Expendables film series and the two recent installments of the Fast and Furious franchise.

Last year, Jason was reported to be selling his 3,000-square-foot house in Sunset Strip, California. He set the price to almost $7 million, and rightfully so. The house has four bedrooms and three bedrooms. It has a unique mid-century Scandinavian feel to its design with all the modern renovations that Jason has done through the years. It looks like the prolific action star has made worthy real estate investments considering he just sold an $18.25 million beachfront house in Malibu. What does he do with these earnings? Most probably buy more properties or buy the next luxury car on his list. Jason, as his character in The Transporter, has a particular love for Audi luxury sports cars. He is a proud owner of an Audi S8, which apart from being fast, is also known for its luxurious comfort.

Jason Momoa | $3.5 Million, Topanga | Land Rover Defender Series 3

Jason Momoa experienced overnight success for his role in the critically acclaimed HBO series, Game of Thrones. The series spanned a total of seven seasons with 73 episodes and received several accolades, which include 59 Emmy Awards, among others. To his credit, even though Jason’s character, Drogo, was in the series for only the first season, his screen presence and charisma were enough to get people’s attention. He effectively made a breakthrough in mainstream pop culture and went on to star as Aquaman in the DC SnyderVerse films.

Away from the limelight, Jason is a real American badass. He rides Harley-Davidsons, is an avid ax-thrower, enjoys rock climbing, and loves everything about the great outdoors. He even has the perfect car to show for it, a Land Rover Defender Series 3. Moreover, he lives on a 10.1-acre property perched on a hilltop in Topanga, Los Angeles. The massive $3.5 million real estate is perfect for his lifestyle – a home very close to nature with all the resources needed for his outdoor hobbies.

Jason Derulo | $3 Million, Tarzana | Lamborghini Gallardo 550

Jason Derulo made a name for himself with his lucrative career in the music industry. He began his recording career back in 2009. Now, he has amassed over 30 million sold records to his credit. His songs such as It Girl, Ridin’ Solo, Talk Dirty, Wiggle, Want to Want Me, and Whatcha Say, among others, are certified Platinum.

In light of the recent global situation, Jason has exponentially grown his social media presence. His entertaining TikTok videos have been a gateway for his fans to have a peek at his enjoyable and luxurious quarantined lifestyle. He lives in a $3 million house in Tarzana. With a monochromatic-themed decor, the mansion has a modern feel to its environment. It also has a home theatre and pool. Of course, it won’t be a celebrity house without luxury cars. Among his collection is a Lamborghini Gallardo 550.

Jane Lynch | Unknown, Laurel Canyon | Mercedes-Benz GLC

Jane Lynch has been around the industry for more than three decades. You may recognize her from her comedy films such as Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and Paul, among others. Although it was in the musical series Glee that Jane would gain worldwide fame.

Like any professional, Jane’s passion for her work also influences her decision-making in her personal life. In 2000, after filming the movie Best in Show, she empathized with her character as a dog trainer and decided to own a pet dog herself; and to partner with her cute furball, she decided to buy a two-bedroom cabin in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles. Ever since then, she has lived in the quaint cabin. Eventually, she renovated the 2,378-square-foot property with the investment money she has earned over the course of her rise to fame. Now, the then-modest cabin is a modern architectural work of art that any Hollywood celebrity can boast of. Moreover, as a brand ambassador for Mercedes-Benz, the Glee star, of course, drives one herself. She sports a luxurious Mercedes-Benz GLC that perfectly matches her LA cabin.

Jamie Oliver | $8.2 Million, Essex | Land Rover Discovery

Jamie Oliver is a British celebrity chef and a restaurateur. His humble beginnings were as a pastry chef in Antonio Carluccio’s restaurant, where he would also meet his mentor, Gennaro Contaldo. Jaimie then moved on to become a sous chef in River Cafe. In 1997, the BBC network was at the cafe filming a documentary when the sous chef caught their attention. Two years later, BBC aired Jaime’s debut show, The Naked Chef. The commercial success of the show would launch his culinary ventures towards further achievements. To his credit, he was awarded a Member of the Order of the British Empire for his services to the hospitality industry.

Currently, Jamie is residing in his hometown of Essex in an $8.2 million mansion along with his wife and five children. The 70-acre estate, with its distinct country-style design, hosts six bedrooms and ten bathrooms. It also includes a 16th-century farmhouse, converted stables, and a three-bedroom lodge. The picturesque estate is the ideal rural abode for the chef’s family and he even has the perfect family car to go along with it, a Land Rover Discovery. It is a superb choice for a family car for countryside drives.

Jamie Dornan | $3.2 Million, Hollywood Hills | Audi A5

Jamie Dornan is famous for his portrayal of Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades film series. What many of us may not know is that he’s been in the industry for quite a while. He started his career modeling, and to his credit, it was not without success. Jamie has modeled for Hugo Boss, Armani, and Calvin Klein, among others. His first appearance on the big screen though was on Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antionette back in 2006. It was not until 2013 that he’d make a breakthrough for his role in Fifty Shades of Grey.

In recent years, Jamie was reported to be selling his house on Hollywood Hills. Those in the know say that he bought the property back in 2016 for over $2.8 million and is selling for a little less than $3.2 million. The estate hosts 3 bedrooms and four bathrooms with a 1950’s style and design. I guess the Fifty Shades actor is moved on to a more modern abode that would match his luxury cars. Jamie drives around an Audi A5; although it may not be a Christian-Grey Audi R8, it’s a luxury sedan fit for a supermodel.

Iggy Azalea | $3.6 Million, Tarzana | Ferrari 458 Italia

Iggy Azalea stormed into the music scene with her debut album The New Classic back in 1994. It was a commercial success and would see her be the first non-American female rapper to top the Billboard Charts. She then followed it up with singles such as Work, Fancy, and Black Widow – all of which achieved similar lucrative sales. With her second album, In My Defense, Iggy released it under her label, Bad Dreams. To her credit, she is a recipient of several accolades and has sold 48 million records worldwide.

In 2017, we got a glimpse into the kind of lifestyle the rapper is living. She was reported to be selling her mansion in Tarzan which she bought in 2014, along with her ex-fiance, Nick Young. The house is reported to be 6,630 square feet in size and hosts six bedrooms and nine bathrooms. A luxurious abode that includes a pool, a fire pit, an outdoor kitchen, and a basketball court. Reports say that the mansion was sold for $3.6 million. Iggy not only lives in luxury but also drives in one. A true rapper’s lifestyle, she drives around a luxury supercar, a Ferrari 458 Italia.

Hugh Grant | $24 Million, Chelsea | Ferrari F12 TDF

Hugh Grant is a prolific English actor. He has several accolades to his name including a BAFTA Award, a Golden Globe, and an Honorary Cesar. He is known for films such as Love Actually, About a Boy, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill, and Music and Lyrics. His performances are loved by many for a touch of sarcastic humor that he uniquely attaches to his characters. With a career spanning more than three decades, his films have amassed more than $3 billion worldwide.

Hugh is a unique type of celebrity. Countless times, he has been outspoken about his antipathy towards the whole celebrity culture. Nonetheless, he is often the center of attention of the entertainment media. Oftentimes, we get a glimpse into the luxurious lifestyle that his lucrative career has earned him. In 2019, he was reported to have bought a $24 million property in Chelsea. It is a semi-detached building which hosts six bedrooms. It is his latest on his list of investments, and among others on that list is his car collection. His most notable car is his Ferrari F12 TDF.

Howard Stern | $21 Million, New York | Chevrolet Corvette

Howard Stern is probably the most famous radio personality in America. His radio show The Howard Stern Show has been around since 1986. In 2006, it moved to another broadcast network, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, for which he signed a $500 million contract. To his credit, the self-proclaimed King of Media has also achieved success outside the world of radio broadcasting. He had his stint as a judge in the famous talent show, America’s Got Talent. Moreover, Howard has two New York Times Best Seller books, Miss America and Private Parts.

With all the wealth The King of Media has earned, you wonder what he does with it. Buy a string of luxurious properties and cars, of course. Well, not so much fancy cars. In one of his books, Howard shared his bad experience with sports cars. He fondly recalls the time he bought a Corvette convertible and how he found himself looking like a Big Bird float. Putting luxury vehicles aside, he has several properties, all worth millions. One of which is his penthouse in Manhattan worth $21 million. The combined five condominiums is a lavish 8,000-square-foot pad that he purchased in over a decade.

Harry Styles | $6 Million, Hollywood Hills| Ferrari California

Harry Styles, over the past decade, has cemented his spot into mainstream pop culture. Along with the band One Direction, he quickly rose to worldwide fame with hit songs such as What Makes You Beautiful, Best Song Ever, History, and Little Things, among others. Following the band’s mutual breakup in 2015, Harry pursued a successful solo career. In between the releases of his lucrative albums, he made his acting debut in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. The critically acclaimed film featured Harry performing alongside A-Listers such as Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy.

His very lucrative career so far has earned him a coveted lifestyle that anyone can only dream of. He has a collection of luxury vehicles and properties worth millions. As would any young wealthy celebrity, Harry has a Ferrari among his car collection – a Ferrari California to be exact. In 2019, the public got a peek inside one of his properties in Hollywood Hills. It was reported that he was selling the estate at $6 million. A reasonable price considering that the 4,401-square-foot house hosts four bedrooms and six bathrooms, and among its lavish amenities are a home theater and a gym.

Harrison Ford | $8.3 Million, Brentwood | Jaguar XK140

If you’re a fan of the sci-fi genre, this man needs no introduction. Harrison Ford is the prolific actor who portrayed Han Solo in the Star Wars franchise. His works include the Indian Jones franchise, Air Force One, Blade Runner film series, and Clear and Present Danger, among others. To his credit, his decorated career spanning over 4 decades has grossed over $9.3 billion in the box office worldwide.

Harrison, in true Han Solo and Indiana Jones fashion, has a love for aviation. He is a proud owner of several classic planes and is an experienced pilot. His love for the classics extends over his car collection. On several occasions, he is spotted driving a Jaguar XK140. Moreover, his very lucrative acting career has earned him millions that he also invests in properties. In 2012, Harrison was reported to have sold his Brentwood compound for a little less than $8.3 million. The sprawling compound is on a 3.2 acre land with lush trees. It includes three separate guest suites and a two-story main house.

Halle Berry | $8 Million Malibu | Lexus RX 400h

Halle Berry is one of those gorgeous actresses that never seem to age. She made her start in modeling and beauty pageant. In 1986, she placed fourth in the Miss World contest. A few years later she eventually made her breakthrough in the industry on the rom-com flick Boomerang. To her credit, she has won several accolades in the span of her career, such as an Academy Award, an Emmy Award, and a Golden Globe. At the height of her popularity, she was considered to be one of the top-paid actresses in the world.

Halle has been very transparent in regards to her experiences as a struggling actress. Now, she has gone way beyond her dreams and has amassed a fortune to her name. Although driving a modest, Lexus RX 400h, she lives in luxury in a Malibu mansion worth $8 million. A perfect abode for her and two children with 5,000 square feet of living space, and it has four bedrooms and five bedrooms. The beachfront house is also fitted with a luxury jacuzzi and a pool. With a picturesque view of the ocean, it’s a heavenly place to spend her downtime to relax and unwind.

Gwyneth Paltrow | $15.5 Million, Manhattan| Toyota Prius

Gwyneth Paltrow earned her place in the limelight starring in films such as Seven, A Perfect Murder, Shakespeare in Love, and The Royal Tenenbaums. Her more recent films include the very lucrative Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise where she starred as Pepper Potts. Gwyneth, apart from acting, has other ventures, making an investment in the wellness brand, Goop. Moreover, she has endorsement deals with various luxury products such as Estee’s Lauder’s Pleasure Perfume.

Gwyneth’s diverse source of income has garnered her millions. In great contrast, she drives around a Toyota Prius. Which in our opinion is a worthy act of modesty for the good cause of environmentalism. This may be so but Gwyneth has always lived a life far from modest. She grew up in a well-off family and in recent news, we got a glimpse into the luxurious house she spent her formative years in. She was reported to be selling her childhood house for a hefty $15.5 million. A fitting price considering the property spans over 7,000 square feet.

Gwen Stefani | $21.65 Million, Beverly Hills | Porsche Panamera

Since Gwen Stefani has a new lover, her The Voice co-coach Blake Shelton, she is completely ready to leave every bit of her past behind her. One of these is her decade-long house in Beverly Hills. The stunning abode was originally acquired by Gwen and her estranged husband, Gavin Rossdale, in 2006 for $13.25 million. The 15,018-square-foot property boasts seven bathrooms, ten bathrooms, and a black-and-white foyer that leads to the living and dining room. In 2019, according to CNBC.com, the Hollaback Girl singer sold the estate for a whopping $21.65 million.

Moving on to her garage, she has a jaw-dropping collection. Aside from her Range Rover and Maserati Quattroporte, she has also owned a Porsche Panamera. The car costs $200,500, and because she is Gwen Stafani, there is a 99% chance that she paid it in cash and not by using her credit cards. As of 2020, the Sweet Escape singer was worth $150 million.

Gordon Ramsay | £7 Million, London | Ferrari LaFerrari

As a celebrity chef who earned tens of millions a year, Gordon Ramsay could splurge his money with everything he likes – just like his main house in London, which is worth £7 million or $9.6 million in March 2021. The three-story house surely has multiple bedrooms and bathrooms for his five children, an exposed brick exterior, a spacious kitchen, wood flooring, and interior walls, which are mainly painted in white.

When it comes to cars, Gordon is as meticulous as he has been with food. He was spotted in 2015, driving his new sports car Ferrari LaFerrari, with a price tag of £1 million. According to TopSpeed, Ferrari produced only 499 units of this model, and luckily, Gordon is one of the owners. This is not the first horse of the MasterChef judge. Dailymail mentioned that he owns more than 15 cars of the same brand when he became a popular celebrity chef.

George Clooney | $15.6 Million, Berkshire | Chevrolet Corvette V8 C1

George Clooney’s net worth rose exponentially when he and his business partners sold their tequila brand, Casamigos. However, he was already rich even before the sale, wealthy enough to buy a $15.6 million home in Berkshire, England. After their wedding in 2014, Geroge and his wife, human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin, bought this house and relocated after 18 months of renovation. The 17th-century house spread in 11,000 square feet of land and has multiple bedrooms and baths, 12-seat home cinema, staff quarters with the room, a professional kitchen, and an office. Outside is a 60-foot swimming pool and the stunning river of Thames.

George could also easily purchase any luxury car brand in the market, like Ferrari, Aston Martin, and Lamborghini. However, old school is still cool for the one-time Batman as he was seen driving a $92,300 Chevrolet Corvette V8 C1 convertible.

Emma Stone | $2.3 Million Westwood | Audi Q5

Emma Stone has had numerous golden trophies sitting on her shelves. If you’re wondering where the Oscars are, they might be somewhere between her houses in California. Yes, plural! Stone purchased one possible investment in Malibu and another in Westwood. The latter is a 1920s Spanish-style abode that has three bedrooms, wood-beamed ceilings, arched doorways, oversized windows, hardwood floors, a stunning kitchen, fountain, a raised spa, and a blue-tiled swimming pool. The total area of the living space is 2,300 square feet, and she got all of these for $2.3 million.

It’s uncertain where she parked her magnificent Audi Q5 because the ivy-covered garage was converted into an additional room that can be used as an office, guest house, or an entertainment area. In early 2021, according to E Online, the La La Land actress is expecting her first child with her husband, Dave McCary.

Elon Musk | $9.5 Million, Bel-Air | McLaren F1

Elon Musk has been battling head-to-head with Jeff Bezos as the wealthiest person on Earth. He is currently Tesla Motors’ CEO and chief product architect, chairman of SolarCity, and the CEO and CTO of SpaceX. According to Celebrity Net Worth in 2021, Musk has a net worth of $180 billion, but he has been homeless. Not exactly, but he pledged that he would not own a house ever again. In fact, he already listed his two Bel-Air estates in 2020, including Gene Wilder’s (former Willy Wonka) house.

One of which is a $29 million mansion that houses seven bathrooms and 11 bathrooms spread in 12,251 square feet. Although Musk owned one of the leading car brands in the world, Tesla, he also drives some famous luxury brands, including the McLaren F1, which he acquired for $1 million, without insurance. Ending, he reportedly crashed it after a year of use.

Ellen Pompeo | Undisclosed, Los Angeles | Range Rover

Ellen Pompeo is an actress in America who became famous in the Steven Spielberg-directed film Catch Me if You Can and the long-running medical series Grey’s Anatomy on ABC. Her net worth of $80 million mostly came from the series, and through this, she was able to acquire a magnificent estate in Los Angeles for an undisclosed price.

In a gallery posted by Architectural Digest in 2016, Pompeo showed her 1930s house, and it is grand! The living room and kitchen changed drastically in the before-and-after photos. The terrace has the best view of the city to any degree, while you could relax in the pool area just by looking at it – it’s so stunning! Aside from this historic property, Meredith Grey actress has a car that she drives around the city. In 2011, she was spotted driving a black Range Rover, and we all know that this type of vehicle isn’t cheap.

Ellen DeGeneres | $27 Million, Montecito | Porsche Carrera GTS

Ellen DeGeneres has been in hot water because of the neverending issues tossed against her. Although DeGeneres might not be the funniest person in America, just like what she was in 1984, the TV show host already had enough wealth and an impressive credit score that she could use in case she decided to retire. As of 2020, Ellen had a whopping net worth of half-billion dollars. That same year she purchased a jaw-dropping estate in Montecito, California, for $27 million.

The mansion houses five bedrooms, ten baths, a two-bedroom guesthouse, a cabana with a gym, and it’s decorated with magnificent statues, wooden furniture, and stunning art pieces. The two-time Oscar host has a car collection like no other. Fun fact: Ellen loves Porsche— maybe because it sounds like her wife’s name Portia. Aside from the Porsche Cayenne, which was filled with 20,000 ping pong balls by Matt Lauer, she also owns a black Carrera GTS.

Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union | $32.5 Million, Miami | Hummer H2 SUT

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union have had an impressive real estate portfolio. Aside from their former house in Sherman Oaks, they also previously owned a property in Miami, which he sold for a staggering price of $32.5 million. The magnificent 14,000 square-foot estate boasts six bedrooms, nine whole and two half bathrooms, a chef kitchen, elevator, professional theater, swimming pool, a dock, a 165 waterfront, and the inevitable basketball court. The title of the property turned investment was transferred to Mr. Wade after he dropped $10.645 million off his account in November 2010.

Since he already sold this beach mansion, he already found a new place to park his cars, including the beast he bought for not lower than $160,000 – Hummer H2 SUT. According to Motorious, this four-door vehicle is equipped with 393-horsepower, but it takes almost 11 seconds to reach 60 mph.

Dwayne Johnson | $9 Million, Powder Springs | Pagani Huayra

In 2019, Dwayne Johnson purchased a 46-acre estate in the state of Georgia, specifically in Powder Springs. It is located just 45 minutes away from Hartsfield-Jackson International. The primary house sprawled in 14,791 square feet, and it features eight bedrooms, walnut floors, a stone fireplace, a kitchen installed with wooden cabinets and a gorgeous island, a pool coupled with a cottage, a 12-stall barn, and a farmhouse for the caretakers that was built in 1867. The Rock acquired this estate for more than $9 million mortgage-free.

Of course, if he could drop that much money for a single purchase, he could also afford luxurious cars that Johnson could show off for every red carpet event and premier night he needed to attend. One of which is the Pagani Huayra he rode for the premiere of HBO’s Ballers. If you have $1.3 million, you could display this handsome car in your garage.

Drake | $100 Million, Toronto | Bugatti Veyron Sang Noir

Drake made the headlines after he unveiled his $100 million home in Toronto, Canada, where he was born and raised. The rapper’s unbelievable property, which he called The Embassy, has multiple bedrooms and an overall spacious floor area. It houses four rooms for his guests, a piano room, a movie room, an intended space for his growing accolades, a two-story closet, an outdoor terrace, and the NBA-regulated indoor basketball court. Aubrey Drake Graham probably had ‘One Dance’ since he acquired the rarest replica of the Metropolitan chandelier, which is composed of 20,000 Swarovski crystals.

Moving on to his ten-car garage, we can find the Guinness World Record holder for the fastest car that one could drive on public roads – a Bugatti Veyron Sang Noir. This particular model was released twice, in 2008 and 2011, 15 units each. Meaning, there are only 30 of this kind, and Drake is a very lucky driver. We’re just hoping that this beast has insurance, or else Drake’s $3.4 million might go circling the drain.

Dolly Parton | $1.2 Million, Nashville | No. 2 Chevrolet Camaro

Dolly Parton is a world-renowned American singer who became widely popular for her hit singles 9 to 5, Islands in the Stream with Kenny Rogers, and she has the credit of being the original singer of Whitney Huston’s I Will Always Love You. If you know who Dolly Parton is, you will presume that she is living in a humongous mansion that might be worth tens of millions – considering her net worth is $600 million – but she’s not. Dolly used to live in a 4,795 square-foot mansion in 2.4-acres of land, which was listed for $1.2 million. The estate boasts four bedrooms and three bathrooms and is located at 3146 Glencliff Road, Nashville, Tennessee.

Now, Dolly and her husband Carl have lived in a much cheaper house in Brentwood, with a reported value of $400,000. Just like her abode, her car is as humble as it is. She owned a pink No. 2 Chevrolet Camaro!

Demi Moore | Undisclosed, Hollywood Hills | Mercedes-Benz S500 Sedan

Demi Moore is an American actress and producer. She is known for her screen projects such as Ghost as well as The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1 and 2. Moore was married thrice in her life, but she ended up working with attorneys to be separated from Freddy Moore, Bruce Willis, and Ashton Kutcher.

If there is a tiny chance that you are wondering where she is at this time, she is currently isolating in her mansion in Hollywood Hills, California. According to Mirror, Moore has been reportedly living with her second ex-husband, Bruce, and their three children, in a four-bedroom tree-house villa, which has an undisclosed value. With a $200 million net worth, Moore has had a car collection that might cause someone’s jaw to drop. Aside from her Toyota Prius, Lexus LS 600h, she also owned a Mercedes-Benz S500 Sedan that boasts a 302Hp engine and can run 100kph in just 4.4 seconds.

Demi Lovato | $7 Million, Studio City | Mercedes-Benz E350

Demi Lovato has been making noise about her comeback this year, so we decided to write about her prized possessions. Last year, she purchased a modern estate in Studio City, California – mortgage-free – for an eye-popping amount of $7 million. The 8,500 square-foot abode in a 0.37-acre lot boasts six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a center island kitchen, wood flooring, a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen with a built-in barbeque, and a stunning swimming pool with the manicured landscape. This property was presumably the mansion that Demi and former fiance Max Ehrich would use to build a family, but sadly, the latter called off the engagement a few months after the proposal.

Of course, she could confidently roam around the city with her expensive vehicle –a Mercedes-Benz E350, valued at $150,000. Aside from this beast, the Heart Attack singer has also owned a Range Rover, Mercedes-Benz SL550, and Lexus LX400h.

Dax Shepard & Kristen Bell | $4.3 Million, Los Feliz | 1994 Buick Roadmaster Station Wagon

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell are one of a handful of celebrity couples that will prove that long-lasting love in the showbiz industry exists. They have been married since 2013 and are blessed with two adorable daughters: seven-year-old Lincoln and five-year-old Delta. The family currently resides in Laughlin Park, Los Angeles, California. According to Dailymail, the $4.3 million estate was put into renovation, but for sure, they did not need to get a home loan to be able to afford the restoration. The 4,048 square feet English Revival mansion has four bedrooms, four-and-a-half bathrooms, and it was built in the 1920s.

It is pretty evident that the couple is fond of old stuff. Instead of splurging their million buying a brand new and expensive car like a Porsche Cayenne or Audi Q7, they settled for a 1994 Buick Roadmaster Station Wagon. In an interview with Conan O’Brien, Shepard mentioned that his car had been equipped with 700Hp, 6.2L supercharged Chevy LSA, while it also boasts anti-roll bars, custom coilover suspension, BBS wheels, and Wilwood brakes.

David & Victoria Beckham | $24 Million, Miami | Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe

David and Victoria Beckham have been married for more than two decades, enjoying their lives with four beautiful children. Earlier this year, an article from Hello Magazine was published, suggesting that the power couple purchased a penthouse in the One Thousand Museum— a seven-star resort in Miami, Florida, designed by the acclaimed architect Zaha Hadid. It’s believed that they dropped $24 million to acquire a space in this grandiose building. Every room in the penthouse boasts floor-to-ceiling windows, stunning chandeliers, and futuristic furniture. The resort features a treatment spa, infinity pool and spa, an acai and juice bar, a sunbathing area, and a hair and beauty salon.

Just like how they have eyes for real estate investments, the pair is known for their keen taste in luxury cars. David Beckham was once seen driving while his two little ones were at the back of a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. Victoria Beckham, on the other hand, was spotted with a Porsche 911 Cabriolet.

Dave Chapelle | $277,330, Yellow Springs | Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe

Dave Chappelle is one of the most renowned comedians globally, thanks to his old iconic comedy sketch show and a string of stand-up sitcoms. Despite his popularity, the funnyman is a famously private person and chose to live a life away from Hollywood’s glitz. Dave dwells on the outskirts of Yellow Springs, in the southeast corner of the city. His farm is a 39-acre piece of land with a private gated entrance. Surrounded by ridiculous quantities of greenery, the home is about 3,154 square feet in size and has three rooms and 3.5 baths, which is the ideal size for his family of five.

With a mortgage currently priced at $277,330 and a net worth of $42 million, it’s easy to see how Dave can afford his luxury car collection. He owns a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe worth more than $440,000. It’s an utterly beautiful vehicle that’s extremely rare, with just a few hundred produced in its first year of production.

Danny Glover | $1.5 Million, San Francisco | Range Rover

A gifted actor who effortlessly projected charisma, Danny Glover rose to a certain degree of fame as a character actor in the Lethal Weapon series and other mainstream films. He transitioned into a character actor in several independent films while still pursuing a second career as a documentary filmmaker. The former Spreckels Mansion has been his home for some time. The ballroom atop the 8,400-square-foot pad at 737 Buena Vista Avenue West had been turned into “Buena Vista Studios” at one point in the 1960s. Glover purchased the house for $1,550,000 in 1990 and gave it to his ex-wife in 2003. The Spreckels mansion was designed in 1897 by Richard Spreckels and became a more prominent shrub-barricaded abode.

As Lethal Weapon 3 became a box office success, Warner Bros. went to great lengths to keep the film’s creative team satisfied – including giving them all an extra present. It had initially purchased three brand new Range Rovers as a thank you gift, each costing $50,000.

Donald Glover | $4.2 Million, La Cañada | Mercedes Benz 600

Donald Glover, the Academy-winning force behind the Childish Gambino persona and the hit FX series, Atlanta, has owned two lovely midcentury investments in the semi-remote slopes of La Cañada Flintridge for the last few years. The large modern building was constructed in 1983 and is entirely made of concrete and glass. There’s a mansion-sized 6,848 square feet of living space within those towering walls. Despite its size, the La Cañada house is almost impenetrable from the street because it is located back at the end of a long roadway and covered by a thick canopy of mature oak trees. The estate is 4 acres in size, big enough to accommodate even A-list superstar egos.

He’d always known he had what it takes to make it in Hollywood, and now his hard work is finally paying off. What about automobiles? His absolute favorite is a fantastic Mercedes Benz 600 with a price tag of slightly more than $190,000.

Courtney Cox | Undisclosed, Malibu | Range Rover

Courteney Cox has an even more charming home in real life than her iconic purple apartment in Friends. Courteney bought a huge beachfront house in Malibu in 2007 and now lives there. Her investment house is situated on two acres of land and includes multiple rooms, baths, a chef-style kitchen, a living room, dining, and entertainment areas. With its swimming pool and tennis courts, as well as breathtaking sea views, Courteney indeed gets the privacy she craves.

Courteney and her character Monica have both owned incredible automobiles. Courtney has also driven some magnificent cars in real life, ranging from Jaguars to Mercedes. Courtney chose an all-black Range Rover, and we have to admit, it looked fantastic. It gave it a mysterious feel while also making the Range Rover look more hostile. It’s an excellent color option for a luxury four-wheel-drive sport utility vehicle.

Colin Firth | Undisclosed, Chiswick | Audi A6

Colin Firth started his career in primarily literary adaptations until a string of popular romantic comedies cemented his reputation as “the thinking woman’s heartthrob.” Firth continued to display untapped sides of his talent in indie films and gutsy cable movies, despite the nickname sticking with him throughout his career. The star of The King’s Speech and Pride and Prejudice grew up in a more suburban climate but is often seen on the expensive high street near his Chiswick home in well-heeled west London. The celebrity actor owns three houses: one in Bedford Park, another in Umbria, Italy, and yet another in London’s Rupert Lane.

The bulk of Firth’s fortune derives from his immense film success. His remarkable filmography comprises nearly 70 films, many of which have received numerous awards. With career investments this long, we won’t be surprised to see him getting out of an Audi A6.

Clint Eastwood | Undisclosed, Carmel | 1992 GMC Typhoon

Clint Eastwood created a renowned body of work throughout his 60-plus year tenure in show business. With massive fame and investments, we won’t be surprised at anything that he owns. Clint is about to make your day if you love golf and the quiet magnificence of California’s scenic central coast. Teháma is a 2,000-acre private suburban property in the rippling hills overlooking the tiny village where Eastwood was once mayor. Teháma is a groundbreaking sustainable living community with just 90 homesites, an energy-efficient golf course, and 85 percent preserved open space, similar to Eastwood’s old ranch.

It’s no secret that Eastwood has always had a thing for cars, particularly muscle cars. Eastwood’s 1992 GMC Typhoon, which he currently still owns, is one of his favorite vehicles. The Typhoon could reach 60 mph in 5.3 seconds, which was blisteringly quick in the 1990s, and its value would undoubtedly skyrocket due to its limited supply. Luckily, Eastwood hasn’t lost his.

Christina Aguilera | $11.5 Million, Beverly Hills | Rolls Royce Phantom

Christina Aguilera purchased a home in a Beverly Hills gated community in 2013. Formerly owned by Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, the house was over 10,000 square feet and is painted luxuriously. Located on Doheny Road in Beverly Hills, this magnificent home has nine baths, six grand bedrooms, and a personal guest suite. The mansion’s notable feature is a massive walk-in closet with a cinema space. Her bedroom is also unique, with an elevated platform for the bed as well as a fireplace. The ’90s pop icon’s degree and fortune seem to be a good match for the home.

Christina enjoys cruising around in one of her favorite $550000 white Rolls Royce Phantoms, an ultra-luxury vehicle with an enticing blend of great looks and supreme quality. The vehicle’s peak speed is 240 km/h, and the interiors have been finished in high-end woods such as mahogany and lined with high-end leather.

Chrissy Teigen & John Legend | $17.5 Million, Beverly Hills | Chevrolet Impala

John Legend and his wife Chrissy didn’t have to look long to find their new dream home. The couple has also completed a larger home in the same upscale Los Angeles community after rapidly finding a buyer for their Beverly Hills mansion. The house itself sits on a nearly one-acre block overlooking Los Angeles and offers adequate space in the form of 10,700 square feet. The estate, built in a contemporary style, has six bedrooms, nine baths, a 100-foot saltwater pool, and a backyard with Benedict Canyon’s sights beneath.

A curved driveway leads to a 6,600-square-foot paved motor court, wide enough to accommodate his coveted car investment. Interestingly, Legend claims to have a genuine relationship with Chevrolet. Legend’s first car was a Chevrolet Celebrity, and he has been a vocal supporter and lobbyist for Detroit’s and the auto industry’s renaissance in general.

Chris Rock | Undisclosed, Beverly Hills | Dodge Durango

While comedian Chris Rock is currently residing in Alpine, New Jersey, he has owned a Clinton Hill carriage house since the 1990s. He’s been renting it for $8,000/month, but it appears that he’s ready to move on. Property documents from the time don’t reveal how much Rock paid for the home during his meteoric rise to fame, but he did take out two $300,000 mortgages in the 1990s. The house boasts a two-bedroom with a breathtaking master suite, a patio, and a two-car garage. Chris recently decided to part ways with it because he no longer resides there daily.

In a world where most celebrities choose flashier vehicles like Rolls Royces and Lamborghinis, it’s refreshing to see a rich man like Rock happy with a Durango. His Dodge Durango isn’t precisely a luxury buy for a celebrity, but the fact that the total cost is about $30,000, it is still very costly.

Chris Hemsworth | $20 Million, Byron Bay | Audi Q7

Chris Hemsworth’s home in Byron Bay is so lavish that it could make Thor cringe. Hemsworth’s new home is large enough to create an independent republic, putting the “huge” in mega-mansion. Together with his wife Elsa and their three kids, the actor lives on a vast 4.2-hectare estate with scenic sea views, a massive infinity pool, and, of course, a home gym. The couple purchased their home in 2014 and began renovations in late 2016, knocking down the original structure and replacing it with an eight-bedroom house with a games space, sun deck, and spa.

Topping off his investments, he has a few fun rides in his garage, including a sleek black Audi Q7. Chris has been an Audi “Film Ambassador” since 2015, and it only fits that Hemsworth’s luxury car range includes a sleek Audi Q7 black with such a close friendship. This vehicle is worth $90,500, but we are sure that the price won’t hurt with his whopping net worth.

Chris Evans | $3.52 Million, Los Angeles | 1967 Chevy Camaro

With a prominent degree behind him, Chris Evans has amassed a $3.5 million mansion in California. The house has a gourmet kitchen, two master bedrooms, and a staff lounge, and all boast stunning views of the Hollywood Hills. In addition, the estate has floor-to-ceiling windows that let in plenty of natural light and provide beautiful views, giving it a beach-style feel. Not to mention, the actor has a heated pool, spa, fire pit, and two fireplaces in his house.

While filming The Avengers, Evans formed a special bond with co-actor Robert Downing Jr. Downey Jr. is a car enthusiast, so when it came to deciding what kind of gift to send to Evans, he chose a car. It couldn’t just be any vehicle, though. It had to be a vehicle that Captain America would be proud of. That’s why Downey Jr. chose a $275,000 Avengers-themed car.

Charles Barkley | $2.2 Million, Scottsdale | Lincoln Navigator

Charles Barkley was deemed one of the NBA’s 50 greatest players and is now one of the most vocal and influential sports commentators. With his career investments, he purchased a $2.2 million Gainey Ranch home in Scottsdale, Arizona. Since he and his wife, Maureen, bought the house in 1998, they’ve renovated and expanded it. His property has all you need to catch the Arizona sun, including tennis courts, a putting green, and a swimming pool.

The 6,000-square-foot home boasts a seven-car garage, which is ideal for his car collection. He enjoys high-end car models, such as his Bentley and Lincoln Navigator. He made a modest living from the NBA relative to today’s expectations, endorsing Coca-Cola, Nike, and McDonald’s. We calculate his net worth to be around $40 million. It’s not much, but it’s enough to help him retire in peace.

Celine Dion | $7 Million, Jupiter Island | 1995 Rolls Royce Corniche

Although you’ve undoubtedly seen a lot of mansions, chances are you’ve never seen one quite like Celine Dion’s. Located on Florida’s exclusive Jupiter Island, the villa and the estate it sits on is nothing short of exceptional. Celine and her late husband designed the home, which took over two years to construct according to their specifications. The residence is settled on 5.7 acres of land and has over 400 feet of beach frontage. The 10,000 square-foot main house has five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a chef’s kitchen, various living rooms, large closets, and more.

Dion’s 1995 Rolls-Royce Corniche is the first of her two known cars. Even more spectacular with the top down, driving down a country road in this magnificent car with the wind in your hair will be a dream come true. As a result, it’s perfectly understandable that anyone with Céline’s investments will be willing to spend over $70,000 to have it parked in their driveway.

Cameron Diaz | $14.7 Million, Beverly Hills | Tesla Model S

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden have moved to a new home in a different portion of the 90210 after a decade of living in a lavish Coldwater Canyon estate. The new property spans 1.7 acres, covered by a large gate and concierge with full-time security staff. It boasts a mansion-sized main house and a separate guesthouse, both constructed of farm-style homes with a custom design. The property includes a three-car garage and parking for at least ten additional cars, in addition to a long paved lane.

Diaz isn’t only impressive at acting and investments, but even at choosing vehicles. The Charlie’s Angels star has driven her Tesla around LA on many occasions, running errands and generally living the Hollywood lifestyle. She goes with a simple black Model S with stock rims and interior, which is a little plain for a wealthy celebrity like Cameron, but to each his own.

Brooklyn Beckham | £31 million, London | Mercedes C Class

In case you did not know, Brooklyn Beckham now has his own “house” in the Beckham family mansion! The Beckhams’ London home is perched in the middle of a tree-lined driveway, with a classic black wrought-iron gate leading to their porch. The entrance looks like something out of a modern fairytale, with the same wrought-iron forming an elegant canopy over the short walkway. Meanwhile, the black and white mosaic flooring blends in with the iron awning and black double doors that lead into their mansion. With his parents’ fortune and investments, their villa is full of must-see features.

Most people’s first car can get them from point A to point B, ideally with minimal rolling. However, Brooklyn is not like the majority of people. After passing his driving test at 17, he drove around London alone in a brand new Mercedes C-class. The sleek grey car costs about €44,000 and can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in under 7 seconds.

Britney Spears | $60 Million, Los Angeles | Maserati Gran Turismo

When Britney Spears took charge of the production of her fifth album, Blackout, in 2007, it was considered as her best work. While personal struggles prevented the massive promotion of the album, it still sold tremendously. The solution they adopted was a conservatorship, where lawyers are still engaged in a dispute until today.

In 2015, two years after releasing her Britney Jean album, she rewarded herself with a $7.4 million palatial Italian-style villa. It has 13,300 square feet of living space and sits on 20 acres of private land. It also has high ceilings and impressive tall windows, as well as a large fireplace. Five bedrooms and seven and a half baths could be found on the second floor. Her garage is also home to several luxury vehicles, including her coolest one yet, the Maserati Gran Turismo, which he had also taken for a spin in 2015 when she was taking a break from her Vegas concert residency.

Bradley Cooper | $100 Million, West Village | Toyota Prius

After being nominated for four Academy Awards for his films American Hustle, Silver Linings Playbook, and American Sniper, Bradley Cooper became the tenth person ever to be nominated for the Oscars in three successive years. He also earned three nominations for the movie A Star is Born alone. This only goes to show that the voice behind Rocket Raccoon from the MCU is a very versatile actor.

Nowadays, Cooper is spending most of his time in his West Village townhouse in New York. As it turns out, he repurchased the property in 2018. Reports say that Cooper regretted making this purchase as it is now hemorrhaging money, perhaps due to high mortgage rates, but he and her daughter have chosen this residence over the others as their refuge for now. Cooper has also opted for a more environmentally-friendly Toyota Prius for his ride. He does have other cars and motorbikes when he also uses on occasion.

Brad Pitt | $300 Million, Los Feliz | Chevy Tahoe

Brad Pitt has been cited as one of Hollywood’s most powerful and influential actors. He has always been viewed as one of the most handsome men, and of course, many women swoon over his beauty. More than his physical attributes, people love that he is very active in philanthropic circles. This is perhaps one influence of his former wife, Angelina Jolie.

The actor owns many houses scattered all over the US and in France, but his home base has always been Los Angeles. His residence, a 5,338 square-foot compound, has a giant main house and four other structures. For its size, it is relatively cheap, at $1.7 million. His garage is full, not only of vehicles but of motorbikes. One of the ones he uses when traveling incognito is a Chevy Tahoe. It eats up a lot of gas, but he believes the trade-off is worth it because he can be anonymous on the roads of LA.

Taylor Lautner | $40 Million, Los Angeles | Audi R8

Are you Team Jacob or Team Edward? Many have been divided by these two choices at the height of the Twilight saga’s popularity. While Edward Cullen won, many women pined over Taylor Lautner, the actor behind Jacob Black. He was even ranked fourth in People’s list of those with the “Most Amazing Bodies.” More than his physical features, Lautner is a voice actor and an excellent model, too.

He has made Los Angeles his home crib in the clean-line and contemporary mansion in Agoura Hills. Just about an hour out of Los Angeles, Lautner need not spend a lot of fuel on his Audi R8 when going to shoots. Also, his cars are safe in the gated community. The stud also most likely has the most up-to-date home security system installed to keep paparazzi out. The massive house’s wide spaces, as well as the high gates around it, will also keep prying eyes away.

Bill Gates | $127.3 Billion, Medina | Porsche 959

If you are among the richest men in the world, what else could you possibly want? For Bill Gates, it is helping people through philanthropic endeavors. The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is what keeps him busy nowadays. He has, after all, pledged that at least half of his investments would be given to charity. This is a bold promise, which we hope that the tech entrepreneur would fulfill.

Gates does have a few guilty pleasures, one of which is buying real estate. His home that overlooks Lake Washington in Medina, Washington, is valued at $147.5 million. It boasted of a Pacific lodge style and was designed by top professionals from Bohlin Cywinski Jackson and Cutler-Anderson Architects. When it comes to cars, this CEO has a host of Mercedes, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis in the garage, but one of his favorites is his red 1988 Porsche 959.

Beyoncé | $400 Million, Bel-Air | Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Limousine

Experimenting with her music in 2010 and beyond, Beyoncé found solid international acclaim. While Lemonade was the most commercially unsuccessful album of the singer, it was also the most praised by critics. However, her other albums were bestsellers, and the artist has sold over 118 million records worldwide. RIAA even recognized her in the 2000s as the Top Certified Artist of the Decade.

After having twins with rapper Jay-Z, the couple did not wait long to make their biggest purchase to date. With two more members added to the family, it only made sense, and so they found one in Bel Air. Their pad is worth $88 million and is a modern masterpiece. The home insurance premiums must cost a fortune, too, but they could afford it. It is also a fitting home to her luxury cars, including a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Limousine. It costs $125,000, but with the custom work done, it would have cost more.

Bella Thorne | $12 Million, Sherman Oaks | Porsche Panamera

We know Bella Thorne to be an excellent actress who has garnered several film credits under her name. Some of her more famous movies include Blended, Infamous, and Amityville: The Awakening. What others do not know, though, is that Thorne is also a singer who has released her official debut single in 2011. In fact, her song titled Watch Me ranked 86 on the US Billboard Hot 100 that year.

Thorne owns a pink-hued house in Sherman Oaks that she has recently listed for $2.55 million. The new buyer would either spend a fortune for a painting job or keep that lovely pink color. Apart from the unique color, the house boasts a contemporary style. It also has five bedrooms and six bathrooms. The young actress owns not only this house but also a Porsche Panamera, a picture of which she posted happily on Instagram still with the ribbon on it.

Bella Hadid | $25 Million, Soho Penthouse | Rolls Royce

Industry players, through Models.com, voted Bella Hadid as “Model of the Year” in 2016. They were not wrong, as this Palestinian-American beauty has constantly been rising to prominence since she signed with IMG Models in 2014. Her first walk was with Desigual, and her first cover appearance was with Jalouse Magazine. Hadid was also among the eight young models to participate in Topshop’s Holiday campaign.

The celebrity and her family are staying in her childhood home in Pennsylvania right now, but the model has recently purchased a penthouse in Manhattan. She dropped $6.1 million for a 2,180 square-foot apartment with two bedrooms. The roofing is high to accommodate a roof terrace, giving it that classy Soho vibe. When it comes to cars, Hadid prefers flashy vehicles. During a trip to Dubai, she showed off her new Rolls Royce, which could cost anywhere from $100,000 to $200,000.

Katy Perry | $330 Million, Montecito | Audi A5

Starting out as a gospel singer, Katy Perry slowly transitioned to a more liberal approach to music. Her number one song in 2008, I Kissed a Girl, is an evidence of her tackling more controversial themes in her music. Due to the positive reception of her songs, Perry received multiple awards. In addition, her Super Bowl Halftime show performance in 2015 became the most-watched in history.

Now engaged to Orlando Bloom, Perry decided it was time to be serious about raising a family. The couple purchased a home in Montecito, where they plan to let their child Daisy grow. Worth $14.2 million, the house comes with a pool, beautiful interiors, and manicured lawns. Not to mention, the view outside is also breathtaking. Her various cars would instantly fit into the theme of the house, considering they are all modern. If you ask us, among the flashiest ride of the actress is her Audi A5 sport back. She must have spent a considerable amount of her investment money to purchase that sleek, classy vehicle.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis | $255 Million, New England | Chevrolet Volt

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are a lovely couple. They first met on the set of That 70’s Show. Young at that time, they did not know they would, later on, be life partners. Kunis found Kutcher cute, though, and there was some obvious chemistry then. When Kutcher left the show in 2005, the two kept in touch and developed a friendship that later turned to love.

With their combined net worth of about $255 million, they would be able to provide the best degree of care to their kids, including providing them with a place in New England. This house has five bedrooms and 5.5 baths, more than enough for their family of four. An upgrade seems to be coming through as the lovebirds have listed this property recently. Their favorite ride is a Chevy Volt, which both of them have driven around. This all-electric vehicle does not need gas at all and is therefore considered environmentally friendly.

Ashley Benson | $6 Million, Laughlin Park | Audi S5

Ashley Benson first came to recognition when she wowed the audience with her role as Hanna Marin in the TV series Pretty Little Liars. This mystery series follows the plot of four protagonists as they receive threatening messages from an omnipresent person named A. Aside from this series, the celebrity has also appeared in Ratter, Her Smell, and Christmas Cupid.

After a painful episode in her life, Benson decided to reward herself with a real estate purchase in the posh Los Feliz neighborhood, specifically in Laughlin Park. She also had another property in the area, which she sold for over $2 million to Jarrod Daniel. Grander than the first, this current house has about 5,000 square feet of living space, with five bedrooms. It is most likely armed with the latest home security system. The garage is where she stores her Bentley, Range Rover, and one of her favorites, the Audi S5.

Anne Hathaway | $60 Million, California Country | Audi R8

With Anne Hathaway’s multitude of films earning over $6.8 billion worldwide, the actress has held the record of being one the highest-paid in 2015. Those who made investments in the star sure had their money returned a hundredfold. Hathaway started as a teen, but her transition to adult roles in The Devil Wears Prada made her even more famous.

Now married to Adam Shulman, the actress has laid low for a bit and settled down in their 1906 Swiss chalet-style residence in California. There is an overall country-cottage feel, and when looking outside, they get to see breathtaking views of the mountain. It does seem in contrast with her cars, as all of those in her collection are flashy and modern. One of the best in the garage is her Audi R8 Spyder. This vehicle is not for daily driving, though, as it would attract people’s eyes, but this is one cool ride.

Anna Faris | $30 Million, Pacific Palisades | Ford Edge

We can all agree that Anna Faris has a knack for comedy. She was first recognized when she appeared as Cindy Campbell in the Scary Movie film series from 2000 to 2006. After that, Faris appeared in a variety of movies, including Just Friends, Brokeback Mountain, and The House Bunny. Not only is she good at acting, but the actress writes well, too, as her memoir, Unqualified, became a best seller in the list provided by New York Times.

An environment lover, the actress decided she would buy a LEED-certified house in Pacific Palisades. She dropped $4.9 million for the place in 2018, where solar power provides its electricity requirements. It also has a Tesla charger and a water filtration recycling system. Her garage would have contained a Tesla, but one of her favorite vehicles is her Ford Edge as she prefers family cars. It does seem to be the logical choice when driving around Los Angeles with family members.

Angelina Jolie | $120 Million, Los Feliz | BWM Hydrogen 7

Having been in the public eye for the longest time, Angelina Jolie has drawn an enormous following. She is now considered one of the most influential and powerful celebrities, not just in Hollywood but also in the world. Her life has been the subject of media coverage, but this has not stopped the Maleficent actress from working with charitable institutions for causes she supports.

Considering her need for privacy, Jolie and her children had been isolating in their Los Feliz home. It has a lot of pathways and places for exercise and walking but is still very secluded. She probably has the latest home security system, too. Meanwhile, her garage is home to a BMW Hydrogen 7, the first of its kind. It runs on hydrogen and is energy-efficient. One cause Jolie fully supports is the environment, so this is not a surprise move for her.

Andrew Lloyd Webber | $1.2 Billion, Sydmonton Court | Mercedes S600 L

Many will be unfamiliar with the name Andrew Lloyd Webber, but he is a legendary English composer and impresario of musical theater. An impresario is one who usually funds or makes investments in operas, plays, or concerts— which means the Broadway legend has made lots of money during the course of his career. Webber has received a lot of awards for his work, and she was even knighted by Queen Elizabeth II and subsequently awarded him a peerage. As a bonus, he has to his name six Tonys and three Grammys, to name a few.

As a billionaire, Webber could live anywhere, but he made his base in Sydmonton Court in southern England. It is a lovely countryside estate, a far cry from where the noisy block he lived in when he was younger. Sir Andrew also has a refined taste in vehicles, going only with the finest Mercedes and other luxury cars. Among the many in his garage is an ultra-desirable V12 engine-powered S600 L. He has it listed and awaiting a buyer.

Anderson Cooper | $200 Million, Firehouse Manhattan Home | Chevy Camaro

Being born into a wealthy and influential family, Anderson Cooper was set to become a journalist while never worrying about student loans. When he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Yale University in 1989, he began traveling the world to cover war stories. ABC News hired him as a correspondent in 1995 and slowly took more roles for the network, eventually becoming a co-anchor, morning talk show host, and reality game show host. He was finally given his own show on CNN, where he instantly became a world name.

Cooper has turned a former firehouse in New York to be his Manhattan home. The $4.2 million property was renovated with the help of architect Cary Tamarkin who converted the estate into a modern and spacious private residence. As for cars, Cooper has been seen in many, but one of the more interesting vehicles in his garage is a black Chevrolet Camaro. Given his need for privacy, black is the apt color. He also probably has the latest home security system installed to protect his firehouse home and garage.

Alicia Keys | $150 Million, Razor House | Vintage Ford Mustang

Right from birth, Alicia Keys knew she was born for music. She began composing songs at 12 years old and was recruited by Columbia Records at 15. There were disputes with the label later on, which probably got lawyers involved, so Keys switched over to other recording companies. These new labels helped her launch several commercially successful albums, starting with Songs in A Minor in 2001.

Keys is now married to producer Kasseem Dean, and they recently purchased the Razor House. This mansion is worth $20.8 million and was designed by Wallace E. Cunningham. It is often compared to the Tony Stark house in the Iron Man movies— the one perched on a cliff’s edge and overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Of course, we do not want a missile hitting that house! When it comes to cars, Keys prefers a gas guzzler, a vintage Ford Mustang. There are other more fuel-efficient vehicles in the garage, though that they also use.

Adele | $190 Million, Lock House | Porsche Cayenne

Adele’s fame was phenomenal as right after she released her debut album, 19, it was certified 8x platinum in the UK and 3x platinum in the US. The singer already had her sights fixed on music because as early as 16, she was already writing songs. That song was Hometown Glory, which she included in her first album. An appearance on Saturday Night Live later in 2008 further propelled her to stardom.

Given her albums’ successful sales, Adele has accumulated about $190 million in the bank. She would not need any personal loan to purchase a house, in that case. The powerhouse singer actually recently sold her Lock House, her residence, from 2011 to 2012. While she did not stay in this house for too long and bought another one a mere 30 minutes away in East Grinstead, the Lock House made Adele realize her love for the area. Also, among the cars in the singer’s garage is a lovely Porsche Cayenne, valued at $138,000.

Adam Sandler | $420 Million, Los Angeles | Cadillac CTS

While many of Adam Sandler’s comedic films had been widely panned, and with him being a constant nominee in the Golden Raspberry Awards, his other movies have actually received positive critical acclaim worldwide. Some of the actor’s widely notable performances include Funny People, Spanglish, and Reign Over Me. Netflix has also trusted Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions with a four-movie investment worth up to $275 million.

With this deal coming up, he is unlikely to move out of his Los Angeles home just yet. The mansion, valued at $12 million, was formerly owned by Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel. With 14 bedrooms and a huge backyard, the estate can fit the entire family. It can also house all of Sandler’s car collections, composed of Cadillacs and a Dodger. He has always been biased towards the Cadillacs, but his favorite is the CTS, with its powerful V8 engine.

Adam Levine | $120 Million, Montecito | Porsche 356

Prior to becoming the lead vocalist of Maroon 5 in 2001, Adam Levine was the guitarist and lead vocalist for Kara’s Flowers. The band, however, suffered commercial success, so they decided to split in 1997, and they regrouped as Maroon 5. Levine has also served as a coach to NBC’s The Voice from 2011 to 2019, shortly before making his acting debut on the TV series American Horror Story.

As he has many ongoing projects in California, Levine decided to maroon himself in his $22.7 million home in Montecito. The mansion sat on 5.2 acres of land and was the craftsmanship of noted architect George Washington Smith. The degree of effort exerted is evident in the Spanish Colonial-style property. Wood-beamed high ceilings adorn the place too. If the singer wants quiet time, he can always use his private terrace. The massive and secluded estate is just the perfect home to Levine’s immaculate Porsche 356A.



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