Known as Posh Spice of the ’90s girl group Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham transitioned from a songstress to a fashion mogul. She lived up to her posh moniker, creating her style into something sleek yet sophisticated. She is distinct for her impeccable street style, wearing neat collared shirting, midi-length dresses, and smart suits. While her foray into the fashion world is undeniable, she is one who likes to keep everything minimal and straightforward.

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Her 5 must-have wardrobe investments:

Crisp Tee

Of course, we often see Beckham sporting the white, crisp tee, but how she matches it with leather pants and midi skirts is out of this world. She brings her personal style to the next level by looking sharp and stylish with this mix and match wardrobe. While a white tee is versatile to wear, she recommends investing in a good quality shirt so you can pair it well with different kinds of fabrics, such as silk or even jeans.

Black Blazer

A black blazer can be worn on almost any occasion, which is why Beckham loves having it in her closet. Whether it’s for an evening party or a corporate meeting with your boss or attorney, a black blazer is one of the safest pieces you can have in your collection. Posh Spice likes to wear her blazer with a t-shirt and tailored trousers or simple jeans. Even fashion stylists suggest pairing your black blazer with sweaters for colder months, and for a higher degree of climate, you can pair it with a dress. Indeed, you can never go wrong with this wardrobe piece.

High-Waisted Jeans

Whether you’re a college girl or a woman in your 40s, having a pair of high-waisted jeans in your closet is a must. According to Beckham, she loves wearing her jeans with either a plain t-shirt or a turtleneck sweater. As we see her rock these jeans, she even adds her signature oversized sunglasses to her effortless look. You can also copy her look by adding your own statement accessories, such as a layered necklace or purse.

Longline Coat

As we’ve noticed, the 46-year-old fashion designer likes to wear oversized coats. She has often looked sharp with longline silhouettes, and even with an all-black ensemble — she pairs it perfectly with baggy pants and sweater tops.

The perfect dress

Last but not least, Beckham personally loves having the perfect dress in her wardrobe. She’s now a fan of below-the-knee dresses, contrary to her Posh Spice days where she wore mini dresses. She also likes wearing matching leather boots to her maxi dresses and tends to stick to plain dresses with overprints but isn’t afraid to try bold colors too. To make an eye-catching statement, she often finishes her look with a clutch and oversized sunglasses. Talk about bringing electricity to the streets with a casual yet polished style!

Beckham’s ultimate piece of style advice:

In her interview with Vogue Magazine, Beckham shared a nugget of wisdom when it comes to fashion. She said it’s vital to be comfortable in what you wear and to always stay true to yourself.

Beckham’s inspiration in fashion:

When asked about who it is that inspires her when it comes to her style, she said it’s Australian actress Cate Blanchett. She added, “She’s very chic, incredibly talented, and she never gets it wrong.” We agree with her too. Blanchett’s degree of natural sophistication exudes in whatever role she portrays. She certainly looks graceful, even offscreen.

Beckham’s fashion style:

On one occasion, she revealed, “(My style) is honest and doesn’t look too contrived or overly complicated. I hope that it’s what my Victoria Beckham women want to wear.” Victoria Beckham’s style over the years has blossomed into modern minimalism. If you want to try out her fashion style, you can check out some online classes, since there are video tutorials on how to dress like her.

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