During the day, the skin is exposed to environmental elements that cause oil and dirt build-up on its surface. At night, the skin works to grow new skin cells and remove skin damage. With that being said, it is best to remember that our skin needs to have a daily therapeutic regimen. During the day, we should focus on skin protection from harmful elements such as UV rays and pollution, while during the night, we should focus on skin restoration.

While nighttime skincare is often neglected by many, we are here to guide you on why it’s vital to have a skincare routine at night. Not only does a nighttime skincare regimen repair your skin, but it also hydrates and keeps your complexion clear to a huge degree.

Your Skin Rests at Night

At night, your skin rests from exposure to the sun and other environmental factors, which is why you should properly cleanse your skin at night to remove the dirt and oil build-up from your daytime exposure. If you fail to do so, your skin will suffer from damage or cause you acne. We suggest you pick a mild cleanser made of natural ingredients like oats and gentle surfactants. It helps rid pores of oil and dirt that can cause acne breakouts. You should also follow up with micellar water or toner to remove any residue. There’s no need to spend a lot of money on your skin investments; you just have to choose simple products that work best for you.

Your Skin Cells Undergo Regeneration

As we’ve said earlier, your skin naturally repairs itself at night, which is why there’s such a thing called “beauty sleep.” But if you fail to cleanse your skin before catching some z’s, you could cause more harm than good to your skin. Considering that your skin cells regenerate at night, your skin requires nutrients to attain the perfect “beauty sleep.” There are many nighttime products you can apply to your face, but we highly recommend using an antioxidant serum. Vitamins C, E, and A are three of the most potent skincare ingredients that can help gas up the cells’ regenerative process. When applied regularly at night, your skin cells will be restored and renewed, thereby resulting in brighter, firmer, younger-looking skin. These antioxidant serums help you reduce the appearance of wrinkles, too. It is best to apply them after you cleanse and tone your face and before applying moisturizer.

Your Skin Absorbs Skincare Products More Effectively

Did you know your skin absorbs products more effectively at night? Yes, you read that right. Not only does your skin repair at night, but this is also the time when nutrients are able to penetrate your skin better. Moreover, your skin is generally free from exposure to harmful environmental elements at night, so it is best to apply moisturizers and serums that fit best for your skin’s needs. For example, if you have dry skin, opt for moisturizers that contain the right amount of active ingredients such as glycerol or lactic acid. For acne-prone skin, we suggest using orange oil since it has been clinically proven to improve and lighten acne lesions up to 75%. So, assess your skin’s needs first before you head out to the nearest store to buy some beauty products using your credit card.

Valuable Night Skincare Tip

 Since you already have an idea on why you should have a night skincare routine, always remember that consistency is key. You can only achieve your desired skincare results when you apply your preferred beauty products religiously. Bear in mind that a beauty investment at night can guarantee you more radiant and rejuvenated skin in the morning.

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