Almost every woman wants to look stylish, even though they have different definitions of what it means to be fashionable. While others jump on the trend of wearing luxurious brands, others just want to be fashionable without abusing their credit cards. Being stylish doesn’t necessarily have to cost you a lot, though. You just have to wear clothes you feel comfortable and look good in. Take note, the key to being stylish is just confidence. So if you’re practical when it comes to picking clothes, you just have to master these tips on how to look more fashionable without trying too hard:

Don’t buy something just because it’s on sale

We know that big discounts are so tempting, but when it comes to investment planning, it is imperative to buy the clothes you only need. For instance, just because it’s a great deal, it doesn’t mean that you have to buy it. What’s the point of buying pieces at an affordable price but not wearing them anytime soon? Whenever you see huge markdowns, just make sure to purchase clothes when needed, either for an important occasion or for work purposes.

Don’t keep or buy something that doesn’t fit

Of course, clothes that don’t fit you are not worth keeping anymore as they will just make your wardrobe full and messy. Imagine putting all your extra clothes in the flooring — it’ll be an unpleasant sight in your room. Holding on to pieces you don’t wear and buying clothes that don’t fit you is never practical. If there are clothes that you’ve outgrown already, we think it’s best that you sell or donate them. Keeping your closet tidy and organized makes you select clothes easily, and later on, it will help you save time in styling them.

 Don’t buy something for just one occasion

Here’s a tip that you most likely need to hear. Whenever you get invited somewhere exciting, you often get impulsive and buy new clothes — whether it’s for a Christmas party, a wedding, a high school reunion, or a birthday dinner with friends. However, we forget the one vital thing when shopping for new dresses: don’t buy just for one occasion. Be sure to choose a dress that is wearable for any occasion. Versatile pieces like a little black dress or a silk blouses are classic and elegant. Just don’t forget to gas up your outfit with different accessories such as earrings, bracelets, and long necklaces, so it will never feel like the same look.

Invest in what you already own

Just because your clothes are a little worn out does not mean they have to be thrown already. For example, whenever you have a pair of jeans with a tiny hole in it, you can always have them repaired. The key is to have a great seamstress that can restore a variety of clothing. Getting things fixed rather than buying new ones is a wise money management tactic. To save you a lot of cash in the future, invest in quality pieces instead of buying cheap ones but with low quality that can last only a short amount of time.

Clothes swap with your friends

Do not underestimate the power of exchanging clothes with your friends. Did you know that swapping pieces is an excellent way of keeping your wardrobe fresh? Yes, trading clothes will save you from acquiring possible loans in the future. It’s also a way of preventing any further damage to the environment. You can host clothes-swap parties with your best friends or with a big crowd in your neighborhood. Whichever you feel like doing, you’ll create an impact in your community by influencing them in practical clothing.

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