While we see tons of online classes and Youtube tutorials for putting on makeup, it is important to know the basic things we need in our makeup kits. For the ladies out there who still have no clue about the various makeup products and how to use them, worry no more as we’re here to guide you.

From fluffy brushes to eyelash curlers, it can be tough to figure out what makeup essential you need to bring with you every day. Read on our few tips below and get ready with your makeup journey:

Moisturizer and Primer

You must always start your day with clean skin. Keeping your skin fresh and moist before applying makeup will help lay the groundwork and absorb the cosmetics easily. These two products, moisturizer, and primer, will help keep your makeup in place all day long.

Concealer and Foundation

Most of us know the benefits of concealers and foundations, but to those who aren’t makeup junkies, foundations even out your skin complexion while concealers cover skin flaws, such as dark spots or acne marks. Some foundations can also function as a sunscreen or moisturizer. You can check some online classes on how to apply foundation on your face correctly.

Translucent or loose powder

After putting on foundation, make sure to apply a translucent powder on your face using a powder puff in a pressing motion. However, if you opt for using a powder brush instead of a puff, tap off the excess powder before applying it in a circular motion. The powder is used to control shine and blot oil on your face.


Eyebrow pomade and spoolie

Eyebrows define the eyes and entire face. Every beginner must include a spoolie and eyebrow pomade in her makeup investments. We suggest using eyebrow pomade since it is waterproof and smudge-proof and is great for all skin types. Before drawing your brows, make sure they’re already nicely groomed.

Eyeshadow palette

The safest eyeshadow palettes are neutral colors, which you can use for your everyday look. You can also play around with a hint of bright colors of your preference. Applying your eye shadow should go from beyond the inner crease to your lash line.

Mascara and eyeliner

Applying eyeliners and mascara will have a huge impact on the appearance of your eyes. Depending on the texture, color, and application, you can really experiment on how to make your eyes pop and your lashes lush to a certain degree. Put on some eyeliner above your upper lashes, or below your lower lashes, or both, then curl your eyelashes for a more finished look.

Blush and highlighter

Smile as you dab on the blush on your face and blend towards the apples of your cheeks. Add on a highlighter to enhance your complexion and give your face a brighter, dewy glow.

Red and nude lipstick

No makeup kit is ever complete without lipstick. A versatile nude can take you all day, while a red lip color can take you to a night out or other special events. You can also choose whatever color you prefer, or gas up your entire look with a lip gloss!

Tools and brushes

Using the proper makeup tools is the key to an effortless yet gorgeous look. A fluffy and softer brush is used for applying a blush, a highlighter, and a bronzer, while the smaller ones are used for applying eye makeup. The golden rule when it comes to washing your makeup brushes is to do it weekly. Invest in quality brushes that make the application and blending easier, leaving you a smoother, well-done look.

Makeup wipes

Last but not least, don’t forget to include some wet wipes in your makeup investments. This will help rid of any makeup error or any remnants of dirt on your skin. Makeup wipes are your perfect on-the-go cleansing tool.

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